Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements

Do you dream of being strong, fit, and healthy? Do you wish you could lift hundreds of pounds without blinking an eye?

You can; you just have to work for it. Living healthy and getting stronger takes an intentional life. But every person and every type of body can achieve it.

One of the best ways to build muscle and strength is to take muscle building supplements. These support your body by rapidly fueling the growth of muscle.

There are many different supplements to choose from. Some are natural; some are less natural. Some are great for your health, and others are questionable, at best.

Wondering which supplements you should take to start building muscle today? Keep reading to discover five of the best supplements to start taking now to build muscle and live a more active, more fulfilling life.

How Do Muscles Grow?

Before talking about supplements, it’s important to understand how muscles grow in the first place. When it comes down to it, muscles grow by working them out. Use them under stress, and they get stronger.

But how does this process work? It’s actually a backward process. When you exercise your muscles, you are putting strain and stress on them.

This actually breaks your muscles down, which is known as hypertrophy. However, your body rebuilds these muscles by fusing the fibers of your muscle back together.

When this happens, the muscles come back stronger and bigger than before. In order for this process to take place, your body needs different hormones in order for adequate breakdown and rebuilding of your muscles to take place.

That’s where supplements come in handy. You can feed your body the things it needs for more effective muscle building, leading to faster and stronger growth of your muscles.

Best Muscle Building Supplements

So, what supplements should you take if you want to speed up this process of rebuilding muscles after a workout? These are the first five you should try.

1. Creatine

Creatine is naturally produced by your body, and it aids in the muscle-building process by providing energy. But creatine has been studied widely, and the general consensus is that more creatine in your body, specifically for those actively building muscle, makes the process more efficient.

This makes creatine the most popular supplement to start taking, especially since it’s already found in your body on a daily basis.

Creatine works by improving muscle strength, which also works to increase muscle mass over time. It can increase the amount of water in your muscle cells, as well as the number of other hormones flowing through your muscles. Both of these helps muscles to grow even more.

Most people consume creatine as a powder. You can add it to water or other beverages or add it to a smoothie, oatmeal, or other foods.

2. Protein

Protein is the core of the muscle-building process. Your body needs it if you want to increase muscle strength and size. And while you can get it naturally through your diet, discussed in more detail below, many people don’t consume enough protein.

That’s where protein supplements come into play. Protein powder is one of the most common supplements for athletes to take. Many people make protein shakes using this supplement.

Because your body’s protein breaks down during the muscle-building process (during exercise), you need to consume more protein on a daily basis than is lost during this process. Essentially, if you are actively working out to build muscle, you can’t consume enough protein.

3. Weight Gainers

When building muscle, your body needs a lot of calories to fuel the process. But many people struggle to consume enough calories throughout the day. Even if they eat a lot of calories, their body can’t retain them very well.

These people often turn to weight gainers. These are caloric supplements, fueling your body with calories from both protein and carbs. Test them out for yourself to see if they are helping you increase and retain muscle mass more effectively.

4. BCAAs

BCAAs, otherwise known as branched-chain amino acids, are made up of multiple acids such as leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These are responsible for the muscle repairing process after intense workouts.

On top of building muscle, they provide more energy during workouts. Plus, they decrease the chance of delayed muscle soreness, which is when you get sore many hours or even days after a workout.

5. SARMs

SARMs, otherwise known as selective androgen receptor modulators, are viewed as a safer type of steroid to take. Traditional steroids are frowned upon, particularly in the professional realm, where many athletes have been banned from major competitions after being caught taking them.

But one of the problems with steroids is that along with building muscle by targeting your DNA, it affects many other areas of your body, either positively or negatively.

SARMs, on the other hand, target your DNA and encourage it to build muscle quickly, but it does so selectively. That means it’s much safer to take, as it won’t have any of the negative side effects that come along with normal steroids.

To start using SARMs, you’ll need to buy the basic ingredients and mix them together yourself. It’s super easy to do and allows you to customize what you take and in what quantities.

You can buy SARMs online today and start building muscle tomorrow.

How to Build Muscle Fast

Many people fear that muscle building is too slow of a process. As a result, they never even get started.

The good news, though, is that muscle building can be quick. And once you’ve built up some muscle, it’s easier to maintain than it is to build it in the first place.

However, this easy way of musclebuilding with the intake of supplements comes with one point of caution. And that caution is to only take supplements after the approval of the experts as per the need of your body and under their guidance throughout. It is necessary because improper intake of supplements can lead to problems like ED. Though you can Get More Info here on how that problem can be treated easily, precaution would still always be better than cure in case you don’t have any such health problems yet. So, get approval from the expert and then you can go ahead and take any of the above-stated supplements as per their recommendation to build your muscles.

Aside from taking the best supplements mentioned above, here are the other things to include in your daily life for building muscle, getting stronger, and looking fit.

Muscle Building Diet

You are what you eat. If you want to be strong, muscular, and fit, then being selective about the food and beverages you consume is very important.

You can create a muscle-building diet in many different ways. But the most important component is protein.

Protein, in its most natural and bioavailable state, comes from animal meat. It’s high in protein and supports muscle growth more than anything other foods. Many muscle-building enthusiasts are fans of the carnivore or keto diets, which put a high priority on animal protein and healthy fats, reducing or eliminating carb intake.

If you aren’t anti-meat, trying these diets for yourself should be the first thing you do. Along with protein and fat to fuel muscle growth, these diets help you manage weight better and provide sustained energy throughout your day.

So if you frequently find yourself getting drowsy in the afternoon while at work, it’s probably because of your carb-filled diet.

Of course, you can also get protein from other sources, such as nuts and seeds. Many professional athletes are vegans or vegetarians. It’s just a different mindset. Experiment with what empowers your body and mind the best way and commit to eating that way at least six days per week.

Hobbies That Naturally Build Muscle

Want to know the secret to muscle building? Want to build muscle every single day without realizing you are doing it? Want to be strong and healthy for the rest of your life, even into old age?

The key is making it fun to work out, build muscle, and get exercise. By finding active hobbies, you can build muscle while having fun.

Yes, that means spending far less time playing video games, watching Netflix, or reading comic books. But once you find the one or two outdoor, active hobbies that ignite your inner fire, you’ll never crave those things again.

Here are some of the best, most fun muscle-building hobbies to try out for yourself.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing and bouldering are activities that are booming in popularity these days. People are discovering how fun it is to try climbing up the face of a rock using only their hands and muscles.

And the best part is, you can get started indoors, without any fancy gear. Bouldering gyms are found in most major cities these days. When bouldering, you generally climb walls around 15 feet tall, without any ropes. If you fall, you’ll land on thick cushions, preventing injury or pain.

Climbing up a wall using the holds provided gives your body a full workout. You’ll be using every muscle in your arms, your core, and throughout your legs as you maneuver your way to the top.

On top of being a physical challenge, the reason people are falling in love with climbing is that it offers a mental challenge, as well. Rock climbing and bouldering routes are often viewed as puzzles.

Getting to the top is rarely about strength and is more about finding the right combination of movements to connect in sequence. As a result of this, many people who don’t consider themselves as active individuals, whether they are artistic or like video gaming, find the challenge of rock climbing to be engaging and thrilling.


Paddling, whether in a canoe, kayak, raft, or on a standup paddleboard, is an incredible sport because it gets you outside and into some beautiful places. When you are out paddling on a lake, river, or on the ocean, you are experiencing the many physical and mental health benefits of being outdoors.

Plus, you get to build muscle in your arms as you push your paddle through the water, thrusting your watercraft forward.

People love paddling because getting on the water can be very therapeutic, especially for those who work in hectic environments, such as manufacturing plants or behind a computer screen all day.

You can keep it casual by paddling on calm, flat water or slow-moving rivers. Or you can experience a thrill by pursuing whitewater, which requires specialized training and skills.

Those who love whitewater paddling often do anything they can to get in the water each day. They often find themselves traveling their state, the country, and the world in search of exceptional rivers in beautiful places.

Mountain Biking

Looking to build muscle in your legs and core? You can do so on a mountain bike. And no, you don’t have to be a stunt-loving daredevil to enjoy the sport.

Many mountain bike trails are beginner-friendly, offering a fun, flowing track as opposed to jumps and technical obstacles. You could also just cruise down gravel roads in your area, which require a bit more stamina and effort from you, as opposed to smooth pavement.

The benefit of mountain biking over road biking is that trails change a lot. This requires your peddling to change, working muscles more effectively. Plus, mountain biking takes place away from hectic city roads and fast-moving cars. It’s out in the country, the woods, or the mountains, where you are surrounded by nature.


Swimming is one of the best ways to build strength throughout your body. But you don’t have to swim laps every day in your local pool to experience these benefits.

If you live near the ocean, getting into diving, either scuba diving or freediving, will give you the spark you need to spend as much time in the water as possible.

Those who love scuba diving enjoy exploring the wildlife under the surface. They may be into photography or just like spotting different types of fish or coral reef species.

Those into freediving tend to be more competitive, seeing how deep they can dive on a single breath, pushing their bodies to the limits. Plus, with freediving, you can also go spearfishing. So you can get a full-body workout underwater while also coming home with natural, sustainably caught meat for the table.

Increase Strength Fast With Muscle Building Supplements

If you want to get stronger, then taking muscle building supplements, along with making some of these lifestyle adjustments, will provide the fast path to success.

There is no one singular way to build muscle. It all comes down to your lifestyle as a whole. Everything you do on a daily basis can either contribute to your goal of building muscle or keep you from reaching the goal.

The benefit of thinking through the entire lifestyle is that you get to live a healthier, more fulfilling life than if you were to just take supplements by yourself.

Looking for other tips like this? Check out the rest of our blog today to keep reading.

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