Top 5 business advices everyone need to know

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1 – No is not an answer

 You will constantly have to face refusals of all kinds. No to financing, no to a partnership, no to a large customer, … The entrepreneur is a problem solver.

You must learn to work around problems, be creative, imaginative, daring, to move forward, never losing sight of what you want to achieve and your values. At the same time, understand that successful entrepreneurs are the ones that see ‘industry rising’ from the first minute. Let’s take an example – the CBD industry is rising right now. So, if you want to become a very successful entrepreneur then, you are on the right track. The Canadian government gave a green light to the CBD sector, so the local companies are dominating the world market. TopShelfBC is a real example of dominating industry ranks. Company has the fastest delivery of quality CBD products.

 2 – Do not ask yourself (too many) questions

Stop thinking too much, only the response of your market matters. Test  your product or service as much as possible on your target market and get an idea. Ask your customers, they are the ones who are right and who hold the keys to your success.

3 – Don’t listen to those who say it won’t work

In France, we have the “unfortunate” tendency to often see the glass “half empty” and to focus on what is wrong , rather than what works well or the positive.

You will inevitably quickly meet many people who in good faith will want to dissuade you from moving forward, from getting started, from creating your activity, etc. The worst part is that they do it and to help you, to help you , you avoid planting yourself… These people are toxic to your project and should be avoided . Don’t listen to them. Flee them. At the start but even after, all you need are positive and encouraging people who believe in you and your project. Your idea is certainly not yet proven, you are not “yet” a millionaire, but you have energy to spare. Don’t let others drain your vital energy and pollute you. 

4 – Respect yourself and others

Take care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Practice regular physical activity to be in top shape. Adapt your diet like a champ. Do not neglect yourself.  Enjoy life, have fun . Stay centered, aligned. Act according to your values. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Never do anything to others that you wouldn’t want others to do to you. Work on your positive communication. Accept that others are not you and that they can be wrong, that you can be wrong. Never criticize a person but their behavior. Say what you do and do what you say.

5 – Meet people and not only to develop your network

Participate in events, reach out to others. Be interested, create sincere connections, be authentic, speak truth. Explore other people with no specific purpose. Discover or rediscover the pleasure of creating disinterested relationships. Enrich yourself with the experiences, emotions, feelings of your interlocutors and you will be perceived as a real person. You will be surprised what this can cause.

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