Top 4 Ways to Write Vivid Descriptions in English Language

When you write descriptive or narrative essays in English language you lack the fancy vocabulary and your descriptions doesn’t meet the expectations, in fact, they don’t look like they should on the first place. It is due to the very basic vocabulary, language and most importantly the repetitive adjectives. The reader mostly seek freshness in the content so he reads new writers but not all the writers provide such newness. The reason is they lack vivid descriptions and unique writing style.

Writing descriptions in English language isn’t as easy as it seems, you have to be imaginative and must be able to think out of the box. For instance; we all know “flowers are beautiful” it needs a little spark that attracts the reader to read through the written piece.  To be different than normal you can always say “such lovely flowers you got there”

However, when we talk on a broader scale the vocabulary get a little more complex for instance; “the flowers mesmerized me with their eternal beauty”. It is highly essential to add descriptions in creative writing because they add life to your work. Positive words beginning with J can also make the writing a little more lifelike.

Keen Writers use Sensory Details in English Language:

Sensory details are an essential part or writing creative literary pieces, sensory details sharply evoke the hidden emotions and the reader starts relating to the writing. For instance; “the slivered moon sat in the sky like an old fingernail clipping”. While observing the previous sentence we can judge that two totally different scenarios form in our mind. However, language also plays a crucial role in evoking emotions, people deeply relate to the writing when it has a concealed meaning and the text can be interpreted to find that out.

Writers Play Around with Literary Devices:

Literary devices are an irreplaceable tool for writers in English language they engage their readers with the bold use of literary device like similes, metaphors, personification etc. A simile is the art of comparing two unlike things with the use of “like or “as” while metaphors do not use “like” or “as” for instance; “Life is a highway” or “Her eyes were diamonds”. Moreover, personification on the other end is adding human qualities in non-human objects for instance; “The sun smiled down on us” or “The light danced on the surface of the water”.

Writers make bold use of Descriptive Words:

Writers take an extra step and they make bold use of descriptive words there mostly adjectives that describes the qualities that something and someone possess. Adjectives are the most useful tool to write vivid descriptions in English language. Moreover, they are highly essential to write engaging product descriptions in the field of digital marketing which attracts a huge number of buyers if the descriptions possess appealing vocabulary. For instance; “The extremely durable Molty foam” or “The unsinkable Titanic”. In the first sentence we can judge that durability is the quality of something is used for long term whereas, in the second sentence it gives you a kind of guarantee.

Writers make Keen use of Imagery:

Imagery is a tool that writers use to create an image in your mind merely with use of words. The words act as paintbrush that draws a clear picture in your mind when you write vivid descriptions. The wise use of words can actually be as effective as painting with bold use of colors.

Humans possess five senses and the aim of imagery is to evoke them for instance; the sight imagery in the sentence” The tree spread its gigantic, sun-flecked shoulders” or the sound imagery in “The forest was hushed, resounding with echoes of the tree’s stoic silence”. Imageries that evoke the sense of touch like “The tree felt smooth as sandstone” You can find more examples of imagery on several websites on internet.

Vivid descriptions add essence to the text, it makes it highly appealing and readable. However, to write better descriptions we need to read a ton of descriptions that appeal our own selves. It then becomes a source of inspiration and we then could write with all dedication.

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