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Top 10 Types Of Digital Marketing Sectors

The digital marketing industry is, in many ways, still new. There are so many things that need to be learned and discovered before we can make solid predictions about what’s going to happen in the near future. Plus, given how rapidly technology evolves, it’s almost impossible to put together a list of all of the industries that have delivered and will continue to deliver great benefits for companies big and small that want their message conveyed through various channels.

Still, we decided to try.

1. Online Marketing

We figured this would be the easiest to place on the list because it’s a ubiquitous form of digital marketing. Whether your company is planning a website or selling through social media, there is almost always an opportunity for you as an online marketer to help promote your brand and generate more leads. This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means. But if we’re talking about what’s going to continue to deliver results, it definitely needs to be on here.

2. Search Engine Marketing

Back in 1995, the first search engine was launched. After almost four decades of growth, there has perhaps never been a more important time to understand and use search engine marketing (SEM) tools and techniques. While the industry as a whole is still relatively young, it’s also well-established and filled with information that will help you build an impressive modern campaign that delivers results.

3. Brand Marketing

While the term ‘brand marketing’ often gets used interchangeably or mistakenly as ‘marketing,’ a brand marketing specialist is someone who focuses on building a brand that’s recognized and trusted by the market. Whether it’s a new product or a newly created company, marketers will need to consider how they’re going to build trust with current and future audiences in order for their message to resonate not just today, but for years to come.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the process of fostering positive discussion about a product or brand through social networks. It’s a way to build long-term relationships and it can be used for so much more than just promoting or selling things. As an industry, it’s only growing, not declining.

5. Internet Marketing

It’s a new industry and the field continues to evolve. But, as a whole, it’s one that is filled with websites, blogs, videos, and other content that help companies of all sizes grow their audience. Unlike some of the other abbreviated terms below, Internet marketing isn’t just something that you can plug in at the end of your promotion campaign for success. It’s an entire industry that needs to be taken seriously by anyone running an online business.

6. E-Commerce Marketing

A seemingly simple topic, e-commerce marketing encompasses a wide range of online tools and techniques that help companies grow their online sales. From the basics of retail management to accounting to fulfillment, e-commerce marketing strategies are useful for many types of businesses. Whether it’s selling products or services, there’s always more that can be done to ensure your company is able to continue growing and help new customers find and learn about your brand online.

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7. Advertising

The word ‘advertising’ is usually reserved for the marketing plans behind print publications, TV, radio spots, and billboards. But an advertising agency works with many different types of businesses, helping them improve their brand identities and promote different messages through all sorts of media. From television ads to ads on the Internet, it’s a continuous effort that also requires careful attention to detail and testing in order to make sure that all the different mediums your company uses are working in concert with one another.

8. Multimedia

The word ‘multimedia’ gets used often in marketing, but it has also created some confusion. Technically, the term refers to the use of different forms of media including video, audio, animation, and even live-action. In some cases, it’s simply a new type of marketing that’s not as old as other types in the industry. But when your company uses modern multimedia techniques to help promote your brand online or offline, you’re making use of certain digital and social media tools along with traditional advertising.

9. Media Planning and Buying

At a certain point, companies need to stop talking about the benefits of digital media and start spending money on it. Fortunately, there are lots of options available when it comes to media planning and buying services. Whether you’re looking for help with TV spots or social campaigns online, you can find someone who’s got the experience needed to create effective campaigns that generate leads or increase your sales.

10. Internet Security and Privacy Marketing

This is a niche industry that can be hard to find information about online. However, Internet security marketers build trust between consumers and technology companies by helping them understand just how much they’re being protected from cyber threats. Like any other online marketing, it’s a field that’s constantly expanding and always changing.

11. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a catchall term for internet-based advertising which includes but is not limited to social media content, SEM, Web-based strategy and media planning services. The term is often used in contrast to traditional marketing where marketing budgets are limited to print, radio, TV, PR and more. Because of this, digital marketers are under constant pressure to continually create new or improved content which extends their reach beyond traditional media.

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12. Mobile Marketing

With nearly 3 billion people now using smartphones worldwide and the number of devices in use set to increase every year, mobile marketing is a growing industry with numerous opportunities for both service providers and advertisers alike. Mobile marketing methods include everything from targeted mobile ad campaigns to mobile coupon apps and SMS messaging. Companies often use mobile advertising networks to monetize a multitude of different media options.

13. Social Media Marketing Research

A social media expert is a person who has worked with social media on a regular basis for years, understands how they work and what they are used for. With this in mind, research on social media can be used to improve your online marketing efforts with a defined plan to execute. Social media marketing research may be used for a variety of different purposes from measuring the effectiveness of a campaign to creating advertising concepts that are compatible with the nature of the social network itself.

14. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an acronym that is often thrown around in online marketing, but it can also be a complex business in itself. Some form of SEO takes place on every page of your website, whether its an image or some other type of graphic which supports your site’s overall goals and message. SEO also encompasses everything from keyword research to the creation of content (whether written or visual) on your website. Here are more related keywords: Mobile SEO, email marketing, Hubspot Marketing, social media marketing.

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