Tips to Make Choosing a Couple PG Super Easy

When you move to a new city that’s as dynamic as Chennai, the first task you have to do is find good accommodation for yourself. And that’s no easy feat. You have to think about your health, safety, and peace of mind, the kind of facilities you require, and of course, what you can actually afford. And if you’re thinking about living together in a PG in Chennai with your partner, you have to consider both your needs and essential requirements. That’s double the trouble. 

Sounds impossible? Well, it’s not. Because we’ve got a handy list of tips that will make choosing an accommodation for yourself and your loved one super easy. Simply keep these steps in mind and finding accommodation will no longer seem like such a Herculean task:

Money matters

The first thing you need to do is figure out the budget that you’re going to allocate towards your accommodation. This should include not just the basic rent amount, but also the amount that you have to spend on basic living facilities like electricity, gas, internet etc. if that’s not already included in your PG’s rent. Try and do a bit of research into the average costs of different hostels, PGs and apartments when you’re deciding this budget so that you can make an informed decision and not aim too high or low. 


When it comes to finding a place for yourself, remember the most important thing to consider is the location. The neighbourhood that you choose will determine how safe, hygienic and well connected your PG or hostel will be. Opting for residential or semi-commercial areas are a great way to ensure you live in a safe neighbourhood and still find it easy to access markets and public transport. Remember that the location should also be convenient from your daily commute perspective. If you’re living in a great place but spending hours traveling to college or work everyday, you’re not going to get a lot of chances to enjoy that location. So, look for accommodation that’s not too far from your place of work or study. 


The golden rule of choosing an accommodation for yourself is to find out the rules and regulations of the place before you sign an agreement or put down the deposit. The reason for this is that some hostels and PGs might have curfews that don’t match your schedule, or policies against visitors that could impact your social life. It’s important to know the rules and regulations that a particular accommodation has in place before you move in so that you can make an informed decision and not accidentally violate any norms. So, make sure you discuss all these matters with your landlord before you settle on a place.


Imagine this. You find one of the best hostels in OMR. You’ve paid the deposit and packed up all your things. But after moving in you find out that your PG doesn’t provide food. And since you don’t have the time to cook everyday, you’re stuck in a mess. Don’t let that happen to you. Make sure you choose a PG that provides healthy meals at least 2-3 times a day. If you work odd hours or spend a lot of time outside the accommodation, look for a place that agrees to pack your food for you. And if you’re concerned about the hygiene standards in a local PG, opt for a professionally managed accommodation provider like Stanza Living which provides healthy and tasty chef cooked meals to their residents. 

Finding the perfect accommodation for yourself and your loved ones can be a matter of trial and error, but doing your research well and keeping these tips in mind during your search will certainly make it a bit easier. Go ahead and put these tips into practice and you’re sure to find a PG or hostel in Chennai that is just right for you.

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