Tips And Tricks To Prepare Class 9 Hindi Literature And Grammar

Hindi happens to be one of the simplest yet important subjects. It is the only subject that you use throughout your life for communication purposes. It is not only crucial to require professional fluency in this subject but you must have good foundational knowledge about it. However, a lot of students don’t pay attention to this subject which results in a low overall grade. Read on to learn some of the useful study tips that might help you prepare for the  class 9 Hindi exams:

  • Start preparation as soon as possible

Many students study the day before their Hindi exam. This has to be changed. Begin your preparations earlier to alleviate some of the stress. Deal with only a few aspects of the subject. This ensures that everything is covered, and you won’t be forced to take an exam with insufficient preparation. This will not only relieve stress but will also have no terrible consequences on you or your academics. Also refer to the Vedantu CBSE Class 9 Hindi Solutions to check the answers to the questions of the NCERT Hindi textbooks, so that you can learn how to structure your answers in the exam.

  • Accept the importance of the subject 

Hindi is the only subject that will be used by you throughout your life. All the senior secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate courses are taught in English as well as Hindi. It is important to identify it as a significant subject. Try not to ignore this subject otherwise, you will struggle a lot in times of your higher education. The Hindi language plays a big role in work life as well. Understand these facts and try to take the subject seriously.

  • Try to speak in pure Hindi

Speaking correct Hindi will help you enhance your speaking skills, which will be assessed during the ASL exam. Try to converse with your family and friends in Hindi. You will increase your fluency and understand the tones of the remarks as a result of this. It will also show you how simple it is once you get the hang of it. Not only will you see your mistakes, but you will also be able to improve by practising every day.

  • Work on your Hindi language by reading

Try to read Hindi-language novels, books, and newspapers to learn good writing techniques. Reading can assist you in recognizing how language is used to eloquently represent or illustrate situations and characters. This is a crucial talent to have while writing articles, discussions, stories, or reports for the test. You will be able to think more imaginatively if you start reading more. After that, you may put your thoughts into words and build your content around them. Because innovation is always preferred, your capacity to think creatively will earn you more points in your exam. It will not only help you enhance your vocabulary, but it will also assist you in writing easier yet flawless responses.

  • Focus more on grammar 

Because the grammar section is difficult, most pupils tend to neglect them. You must confront your concerns and address your flaws. Concentrate more on the grammar questions because they will help you compose your answers. You will lose marks if you use incorrect grammar in your answers. You can improve your grammatical understanding with the help of online tutorials or books. Try to jot down all of the lessons in your classroom and then go over them one by one. Make an effort to comprehend the principles. Make sure you write down all of your questions and then have them answered by your teacher.

  • Understand and not memorise

Instead of memorizing your Hindi lessons, try to understand them. This will help you comprehend the tone of the chapters and ensure that you don’t forget the basics during the exam. Memorizing concepts is a temporary fix that may not always work because questions can be changed at any time. Make an effort to comprehend the principles of your teachings before framing your responses around those notions. Make sure you focus on your vocabulary and grammar because this will make it easier for you to generate replies.

  • Improve writing skills 

Put in some extensive work to improve your writing skills as this section carries the most marks. Try to practice the formats used in different sections of writing skills as students tend to forget the layout. Devote time to sections such as letter writing, notice writing and report writing as these are easy to score. Try to write in neat and legible handwriting as representations matter too. Make use of paragraphs and spacings so that your answer looks well drafted. Keep your answers as simple as possible and don’t complicate things.

  • Work on time management

According to studies, many students are unable to complete their Hindi exam papers on time due to their inability to manage their time effectively. To overcome this, set a timer and solve the sample as well as previous year question papers. You’ll be able to increase your writing speed and complete the paper on time. If you get stuck on a question in the exam, don’t waste time on it. Move on to the next question. After you complete your paper, come back to the question that you couldn’t answer and try solving it now.


With these simple yet helpful tips, you will be able to prepare well for your class 8th Hindi paper. These will not only help you score great marks but also improve your overall grades. Prepare well for your exam and study strategically and you will be able to deal with everything. All the best!

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