Timeless Short Hairstyles That Will Always Be Trendy

Hairstyles: These 5 haircuts are always trending

There are hairstyles that cause real hype, found on the covers of all magazines and duplicated by women around the world. But in many cases, this keen enthusiasm rarely lasts longer than the season. This is because the hairstyle is reinterpreted and changed, or simply replaced by the next trend look. However, some hair trends have been inspiring for decades and are considered popular yesterday and today and timelessly beautiful classics-icons such as Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. Thanks to that, each cut has a unique look. These are the top five major iconic hair trends that are unlikely to be out of date.

5 hairstyles that never deviate from the style

  1. Pixie

Rasp short cut hair is very practical on the one hand and as expressive as other hairstyles on the other. The name Pixie comes from the English word for elf or fairy, but Pixie hairstyles cut always shows a strong personality and personality. That was already the case in the 1960s when Audrey Hepburn surprised the world as Tiffany’s girl Holly, and even today when women and Katy Perry are in the limelight. Pixie fits all hairstyles, is easy to care for and style and unlike other hairstyles, focuses on the viewer of the face (especially the eye area). Plus: Pixie Cut (despite all provocations) always has a girlish delicacy and makes the wearer younger.

  1. Bob

Speaking of rejuvenation, the classic Bob with hair just a few centimeters below the chin line is also considered an optical makeover-perhaps because he knows half-length, half-short haircuts since childhood is there are variations in styling depending on the type of hair and the scene, and you can comb the bob cut accurately and smoothly as a blunt cut, and knead the natural waves into the casual beach waves for natural styling. Bob is effective not only for straight hair but also for curly hair, and even fine hair becomes more body.

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  1. Ponytail

Ponytails are considered a classic for all blade hairstyles. This is because the hair tied at the back can be not only sporty and casual, but also elegant and sophisticated. And it’s without a lot of effort! Brigitte Bardot, for example, loved the loosely tied ponytail with its voluminous XL bangs.

  1. Curtain bangs

Women and girls didn’t seem to be seen without XL’s bangs. As such, iconic haircuts have been integrated with their identity for many years. As the name implies, the bangs of the curtain are always reminiscent of the stage curtain because its tip reaches in or over the eye and is pulled to the left and right like a curtain. The effect is amazing because the bangs of the curtain not only emphasize the eyes, but also look boyish and sexy at the same time. For more here click on this link and visit.

  1. Praise

If you cut long hair around your face and trim it to shoulder length, your hairstyle will be something between Bob and Long. Therefore, the name is Lob or LOB. In the case of Jennifer Aniston, who was acclaimed and caused worldwide hype as “Friends” star Rachel, her appearance was the starting point for her career.


Why was Jennifer Aniston shot in the same cut from the beginning of her career? Even now, decades later, it’s still step-cut, so it’s as hip as it was then long and boring? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say it? Layering techniques turn even the most desolate heads into exciting manes.

Smooth appearance

The sleek look is trendier than ever, so it’s smooth again this year! Steal gel from a friend or get it from a drugstore, take a generous amount and style your hair with a comb and gel. It has a stylish and smooth appearance!


Yes, you heard correctly: Bora is back! For those who are brave about their hairstyles or who want to celebrate their revival, there is now an opportunity to (again) get a trendy look. Many people may be more and more satisfied with it. Not surprisingly, no hairstyle separates spirits like Bora.

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