Three Blackjack Variations to Avoid for Beginners

At the casino, blackjack is the most popular table game. It applies to both physical and virtual casinos. Virtual dealers have increased the realism of playing blackjack online. Casino owners have come up with many blackjack variations to keep players interested and involved.

Playing one of the casino’s top games is possible if you play blackjack correctly. However, OKBET casino operators continue to reduce costs and seek ways to stretch their money further. However, if you research and look around, you can still find 3:2 blackjack.

Why is 3:2 blackjack the most acceptable kind of blackjack? If players employ fundamental blackjack tactics, the house advantage in a 3:2 game can drop below 0.5%. A 6:5 blackjack game can result in a house edge more significant than 1%.

If you wish to be a savvy gambler, you should avoid 6:5 blackjack as an additional piece of advice. There are various variants of blackjack that beginners should avoid at all costs. These blackjack variations may appear alluring if you’re a rookie and don’t know any better.

3 Blackjack Variations

Before fully grasping the blackjack game, beginners shouldn’t explore its various variants. The preferable course of action is to learn the fundamental strategy and concentrate on playing standard blackjack. Visit to learn more.

Progressive Jackpot

Because they prefer to play classic blackjack, nobody plays the progressive version of the game. Although the player is not compelled to place the bonus side bet, progressive blackjack is set up so players can add a side bet to the progressive jackpot.

At first glance, it would seem that this blackjack variant would be the most enjoyable to play. Why not try the side bet because the prizes might reach thousands of pesos? The chances are unfortunately stacked against the player, making it quite challenging to win the award.

How to Win in Progressive Jackpot

Let’s discuss how players can win the progressive jackpot and why the house has the advantage in this wager. The game’s progressive blackjack is typically based on 7s or Aces.

The dealer’s first two cards and your first two cards are the only four cards that count in the bonus game. The player and dealer must unite for four Aces of the same suit to win the jackpot (or 7s if the match is advertised, often as Triple Sevens).

Additionally, there are payouts in some games for three, two, or one ace and cards with the same color (regardless of suit). The likelihood of getting four suited Aces in a six-deck Progressive Blackjack game is higher than 1 in 6 million.

Each peso placed by a player on the side bet results in a house advantage of roughly 40% for the casino. Regardless of the top prize, it’s always a bad bet because the house edge changes as the jackpot grow.

Double Exposure Blackjack

Another blackjack variant that initially appears to be fun to play is Double Exposure Blackjack, commonly known as Face Up 21. Even though there are harsher wagers in the casino, you might as well play standard 3:2 blackjack.

Not only is one card face up on the table as the game begins, but the player can also see both dealer cards. In actuality, this facilitates the gambler’s decision-making.

It is substantially easier to decide whether to hit or stand when both of the dealer’s cards are displayed. The peculiarities of OKBET Double Exposure Blackjack don’t stop there. 

Two additional regulations favor the house. Blackjack only offers even money payouts, and giving up is not permitted.

Even money on blackjack is a significant warning flag, but it is getting harder to find traditional blackjack games with surrender rules. While there are significantly worse bets in the casino, there are better blackjack games to play. Double Exposure Blackjack offers a 0.67 percent house advantage.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

Nowadays, OKBET rarely provide multi-hand blackjack. High rollers can play many hands of blackjack if they so choose; however, the average casino patron cannot play multiple hands of blackjack with a dealer.

Finding a multi-hand blackjack machine with fewer than six decks in a casino or online won’t be simple. Eight-deck video blackjack games are the norm for multi-hand versions.

Gamblers frequently lose their composure and neglect to employ basic tactics as they rush through the hands, which can number up to six in a single game. The sheer number of hands available at once might be incredibly intimidating for a novice blackjack player.

Before being exposed to many hands in a single game, beginners should practice basic tactics with one hand at a time. A novice could find it challenging to process.


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