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This Is How to Keep Your House Cool When It’s Hot Outside

Discovering how to keep your house cool when it’s hot outside can be a major relief and make you considerably more comfortable. Rather than dreading walking into certain rooms or finding it difficult to get to sleep at night, you can enjoy a pleasant temperature even during the warmer months.

But, how do you do this without running up a massive bill from having your air conditioner on all day? Fortunately, there are several clever methods you can use to reduce the heat levels in your home.

Let’s dive in and find out how to keep a house cool in the summer.

Block Out the Sun

Blocking out the sun is one way of cooling a house, but many people don’t like to close their blinds as it can make the room too dark. To try and get around this, some people may open their windows, but this can let hot air in and make the problem worse. An excellent solution is to use these exterior privacy shades that block out the sun but still allow filtered light to enter the room.

Open Internal Doors

Even cheap air conditioning can become expensive if you have it turned on for extended periods of time. But, you can encourage airflow within your home by opening the internal doors. This will allow air to circulate through each room in the house, which can be especially effective at night when the circulating air temperature may be lower.

Ice Water and a Fan

One way to get a lower ac bill is by creating your own effective air conditioning system with a fan and a bowl of cold water. Simply place some ice in a bowl of water and set it in front of an angled fan blowing in your direction. You can get a refreshing extra-chilled blast of cold air that keeps you refreshed throughout the day.

Cook Outside

When you turn household appliances on, the air temperature can rise in your home. To avoid making your kitchen even hotter, why not grill outside and enjoy the sunshine? You can then walk into a cool environment to relax.

How to Keep Your House Cool at Night

There is no need to toss and turn at night, even if it is hot outside. You can fill a hot water bottle with cool water and put it in the freezer. When you take it out, you can place it in your bed to cool your sheets before you climb in to go to sleep. You could even take this a step further and place your sheets in the fridge before heading to bed.

You’ll instantly feel cooler and may find it a lot easier to get a good night’s rest.

Enjoy a Cooler Home Today

Now that you know how to keep your house cool, you can relax in comfort during the warmer summer months. While one tip may not make much difference on its own, using these methods simultaneously can make a massive difference to your internal home temperature.

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