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Parking is one of the fundamental problems that cities face. How do you move people around? From where to where, at what time, and for how long will they be in transit? A city without parking can’t get anyone anywhere. Finding a place to park is stressful, dangerous even.

Parking can be expensive and time-consuming for the city. One solution is to hire a valet service to help people get in and out of parking spaces faster. Think about it: someone else does all the work while the city avoids any liability. It’s a win-win situation!

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Public parking is where valet services really shine. The city puts up signs telling people to call XYZ Valets when they need to use the lot. You see, there are two problems with public parking: finding open space and getting in/out of a parking space.

What Is Valet Parking Software?

Valet software helps a city keep track of lots and garages. The parking staff can use it to see which spaces are open, find them on a map, and send texts to customers who need assistance finding their cars. In the meantime, customers know where their cars will be parked whenever they return.

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Most cities have a mobile app that shows where cars should be parked. It’s a great way to improve transparency and accountability. With the app, you can see how many available spots there are and where they’re located at any given time.

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Like so many other things, valet parking is becoming automated. There’s no reason for an employee to run outside and take your keys when you can do it yourself using a phone app.

With the right software, the city and valets don’t even need to be in the same room. All they need is access to a computer or tablet and they can see what’s happening throughout the whole parking lot (or garage). Think of all your customers who would love this kind of service!

Valet parking software offered by CVPS is making automation easier. In the past, it took an expensive printer and a stationary computer in a room with parking spots marked on the floor. Now all you need is a mobile device, two-way Internet access, and a dashboard for customer support.

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The next time someone asks you to valet park their car, think of the benefits. The city is safer and more efficient. Your customers don’t need to go through a lot of paperwork or remember where they parked. It’s a better way for everyone!

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How CVPS Helps in Parking Management?

  • The city gets an app to manage its parking inventory and it charges a fee, which is collected through blockchain.
  • On this app developed by CVPS you can see how many spaces there are in the garages and where they are located at any given time. The parking manager or enforcement officer can look up all information about a certain car and tell whether the car has been paid for using the blockchain ledger.
  • There is no paperwork involved when someone requests a spot because everything is managed by apps on their phone, tablets or laptops. There is just an RFID tag that serves as proof of payment and then you can go shopping or visit friends for hours or days without worrying about whether your car will still be there when you return.Read More About:

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