Things to avoid before attempting JEE examination

One of the most challenging competitive exams conducted nationally for students dreaming of engineering is nothing but the JEE(Joint entrance examination). Although it spells simple, the task of writing and scoring good marks needs hard work. As it is a national level entrance examination, it requires months or years of hard work.

Sometimes a year of hard work can also deplete your exam, not because of your efforts taken but the lack of confidence and overstressed. Candidates who are interested in studying in IITs must clear the exam IIT JEE advanced. Those who finally get success in JEE Advanced will get admission to the IITs. For cracking the exam, adequate preparation is essential. Studying, practising and revising are the three main factors that help in scoring good marks. Here are some things you should avoid before attempting the examination

Things should be avoided by JEE aspirants.

There are do’s and don’ts in everything we do. Here are some important things that candidates should not do while preparing for the exams.

Not preparing a timetable.

The timetable is one of the essential parameters that students must consider while preparing for the exam. It has multiple benefits.  It will make an organised study plan by managing time as well as discipline in your life. Therefore, everyone should follow a perfect scheduled timetable.

Referring many books

Reading and referring to multiple books will lead to confusion. Every book has its point of view and will have a distinct way of describing a concept. The best thing that you can do is refer to and study from one or two books. Read them thoroughly instead of messing up with a lot of books.

Ignoring the basics

Ample knowledge of the basics of each topic is necessary for all the exams. Without knowing the fundamentals and writing the exam doesn’t make any sense. It is pretty effortless. To maintain basic knowledge in every topic rather than purchasing many study materials and studying.

Concentrating on one chapter

The one mistake that all candidates make is spending too much time in one chapter. This is one of the problems of wasting too much time on a particular thing. There are more than 50-60 chapters to prepare for exams. Instead of focusing on one topic or chapter, skip and mark it if it feels challenging to understand and move on to the next topic. Time management is vital in preparing for the exam.

Not caring about health.

Health is also crucial as exams. Giving priority to exams and neglecting your health will cost more. Mental and physical health must be maintained. Every student will study till night and wake up early in the morning. But make sure that you are sleeping at least 7 hours per day. Sleepless nights are not so important for the exams. It will create other health issues. So always take care of your health first.

Not clearing doubts

Many doubts can arise once you start studying. Every single doubt should be noted and cleared as soon as possible with your teachers or friends. A combined study is also practical to share knowledge as well as clear any doubts.First, get a clear idea of the JEE main examination, syllabus and other relevant things. Always stay determined, and don’t let the failures knock you down. After many attempts, you may fail. Think that this is not the end of the world and life. After frequent failures, success will knock on the door once in your life. Believe in yourself and move on. Stay

Good luck

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