The Times When A Foreigner In Thailand May Need A Lawyer

It can be complicated as a foreigner when living in Thailand, ensuring you get the correct visa, having a work permit if you want a job and the limitation on owning property. You may find yourself in situations where you need expert legal advice for whatever reason, and there are many excellent law firms in Bangkok and throughout the country, you can consider using. Below are some of the various reasons you may need the services of a reputable lawyer as a foreigner in Thailand that can make dealing with the situation much more manageable.

Buying Property In Thailand

Buying property anywhere in the world can be a complicated affair, and it is even more complex in Thailand when you are a foreigner. There are many restrictions on foreigners in Thailand, including owning property, and you are not allowed to own land by law. However, you can buy and own a condo unit or buy a house with an extended lease on the property. The property laws in Thailand can be confusing and complicated, so if you are considering purchasing property, find a reputable law firm to assist you with your purchase.

Setting Up A Business

Setting up a business as a foreigner in Thailand can also be a complex affair, and it is often ideal to get the best legal services Thailand has to offer when starting a business. As a foreigner in the country, most people can own 49% of a company, with 51% needing to be held by a Thai national. There are exceptions to this, depending on your nationality, and there are some loopholes you can try exploiting. However, it can get extremely complicated, so it is often best to get expert legal advice when setting up a new business in Thailand.

Getting Divorced

Many foreigners in Thailand end up marrying a Thai national, and when those relationships do not work out, they will often get a divorce, which can turn messy. It is worse when there are children and many assets are involved. Not getting a lawyer to help deal with the situation can be a massive mistake. You could end up having to walk away without anything from the relationship, including the children, if you are not careful, so you should ensure you have an expert family lawyer to assist you.


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There are many times in Thailand that you will need to get various documents notarised for whatever reason. Whether it is getting married, employment contracts, commercial leases, or anything else, you will need to find an affordable service that can notarise the documents you need. Many lawyers and accounting companies are offering this service throughout Thailand, and you can see that the cost can vary quite drastically. Once you find an affordable and reliable service, ensure you keep their number for the next time you need documents notarising, which is highly likely when you live in Thailand.

These are a few occasions you may need a lawyer in Thailand as a foreigner, but there are more besides. When you find a reputable lawyer that does a good job, make sure you do not let them get away, as you will most likely need their services again at some point soon.

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