The Sibling Rivalry between Little Ones – Tips For Parents

The term ‘sibling’ refers to children having both or anyone parent in common. Sibling rivalry is an inevitable occurrence in a household having more than one child; It is a competition between the siblings. It starts after the birth of the second child. At this stage, the competition is basically for the attention of one or both parents. Though it is quite a common occurrence, the rivalry can grow and worsen as children grow up if it is not taken care of at an early age.

Reasons behind sibling rivalry

  1. Share the two most important people they want for themselves- their parents
  2. Sometimes the stressed-out elder child takes out his frustrations and anxieties on the nearest target, i.e. the younger sibling.
  3. Sibling rivalry is at its worst in cases where both kids are under four years of age or there are age differences.
  4. Sometimes praising one sibling for a good deed may be the reason for jealousy in the other kid.
  5. Sometimes annoying a sibling may seem an exciting way to get a break from boredom.
  6. A way to connect with their siblings.
  7. The difference in temperament, age and gender of the siblings.

    But fighting is not a solution to this problem. As a parent, they must guide the children and find a more appropriate way to meet their needs.

Tips for parents on handling sibling rivalry

  • Make the elder one help in taking care of the younger ones. Make the elder one feel responsible and take pride in being the big brother or big sister.
  • Spend time with each child on a one-on-one basis. Send across the message that you love them equally.
  • Step in and settle a fight between toddlers or preschoolers. But stay out of any argument between older children and let them resolve it by themselves. Avoid taking sides.
  • Let your children know that you will not tolerate any form of violence. Praise them if they resolve their differences peacefully.
  • Give each child his or her own space. Involve them in Fun activities for kids or DIY crafts ideas or, some other hobby classes online. You can check out multiple activity classes at
  • Make the children learn the importance of sharing and being good friends with each other.
  • Generally, two siblings rarely have anything in common. If one likes to do something, the other invariably want the opposite. But as parents, we need to find the commonalities and foster them more. Plan fun family time together to promote bonding and teamwork.
  • Do not make comparisons between the two siblings. The feeling of jealousy and hatred increases with comparisons made by parents.
  • Do not punish or scold one child in front of the other. If necessary, do so alone in a separate room.

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