The Haunted Lore of Savannah

Savannah has many stories that date back to the 1700s that have carried on to today. Many of these stories include the hauntings that happen in this city. When you look at the history of Savannah, it isn’t hard to see why so many paranormal things are reported. One of the best ways to learn about haunted lore is with the ghost tour Savannah. Taking one of these tours gives you the accurate history of Savannah and the hauntings that occur. Below we will look into the lore of Savannah and what contributes to why this city is so haunted.

Age of Pirates

Visiting Savannah today may make you wonder about how pirates could have frequented this town once before, but it is true. Many pirates used to come into the harbor and cause mayhem and terror. The Pirate’s House was built in 1754, and one stop here will have you seeing why it helped Savannah be so haunted. When the Pirate’s House was first built, it was intended as a place of refuge, but soon, it turned into much worse. Under the house is a tunnel system that leads to the Savannah River that pirates used to kidnap unsuspecting victims and force them into a life of servitude. It is said that today those lost souls still wander the tunnels.

The Pink House

Located in Savannah’s Historic District is the Olde Pink House. This house gains its name from the beautiful pink stucco that sets it apart from other buildings in the area. While construction started in 1771, it took 18 years to complete this beautiful mansion. This home saw many events from the Revolutionary War, the fires of 1820, and the Civil War, and many people have occupied the residence during each. The emotional history of the house is said to have caused the hauntings that happen here today. There have been many reports of apparitions that some believe are the owner, while others have seen servant children around the property.

Colonial Park Cemetery

Many people believe that cemeteries are a top place for paranormal activity, and the Colonial Park Cemetery is no exception. This cemetery has quite a history that leads people to believe it is haunted. Colonial Park Cemetery is believed to be one of Savannah’s most haunted places, where over 10,000 people are laid to rest. If you take a Savannah ghost tour, plan for this cemetery to be one of your stops. During the Civil War, troops occupied the cemetery and used it as a headquarters. These soldiers were not respectful of the gravesite and desecrated many graves and ruined many headstones. Not only do some of the mass graves contribute to the hauntings of this site, but the disrespect of the dead during the Civil War does as well. Many say the spirits of the dead were not only angry but also sought revenge, and that is why this is one of Savannah’s most haunted spots to this day.

The Crying Statue

At the famous Bonaventure Cemetery, there are many things you can see that will have you believing in ghosts. Established in 1846, this cemetery is known for its beauty. When visiting this place, you will wonder how something so beautiful could be so haunted, and many locals believe it was because of the tragic death of a six-year-old girl buried here. An angel statue marks the little girl’s grave, and if you visit the cemetery, you may see it start to cry. The story of the little girl passing is so sad that the angel will cry real tears and may even hear the ghost of the girl herself sobbing.

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