The Copywriter an advertising and commercial content writer

What a copywriter do?

A copywriter or designer editor has the task of developing texts for different communication media intended to a target audience to convince them to act in a specific direction. This marketing technique, which makes use of carefully chosen words and arguments, therefore aims to persuade the prospect of the essential character of a product, a service, a concept or an action in order to lead through to engagement or purchase.

Originally very present in advertising, communication and public relations agencies, copywriters are now essential in writing content for professional websites and blogs. Their services are also in demand on social networks and for writing emails and newsletters. Creating a written communication concept and then drafting the appropriate advertising and commercial texts are the two main stages of the job of copywriter.

The copywriter is thus a web content writer. However, this copywriting specialist writes texts for strictly commercial purposes.

This new specialty of Web marketing still suffers from the lack of official training. Without a typical course, the copywriter is generally self-taught. Nevertheless, an excellent marketing culture coupled with very good writing skills are necessary to acquire sufficient knowledge of the targeted prospects and to create relevant hooks and ingenious sales pitches.

Drowned in the overabundance of information on the Internet, companies are increasingly looking for this precious skill, which is still infrequent, to set themselves apart from their competitors.

The copywriter: a must for a good web marketing strategy

More and more companies want to improve their visibility on the Internet and are implementing content strategies. Welcome to the era of web marketing and new opportunities to put your experience and talent to good use.

Does copywriting or design-writing speak to you? At the heart of entrepreneurial strategies for decades, this profession has entered the web and is now taking off again. Still little known to the general public, copywriting has become essential to stand out from the competition. Highlighting a profession with a promising future.

What is a copywriter?

As a marketing copywriting specialist, the copywriter’s missions may vary depending on the company, product or service to be promoted.

Who is he?

Above all, he is a professional writer specializing in the development of advertising and commercial messages. Its goal? To convince of the need to buy a product, to subscribe to a newsletter, to order a service, to click on a link, to watch a video: in short, to take action!

The copywriter or web copywriter writes creative, unique arguments that meet editorial and editorial requirements and the values ​​conveyed by the company.

Copywriting occupies a preponderant place in our daily life. We are faced with it every day: listening to the radio, watching advertising posters, surfing social networks, sorting our promotional emails, etc. This gives an idea of ​​the scope of the missions entrusted to the copywriter.

What is he doing?

The copywriter is required to work on:

  • an e-mailing
  • a newsletter
  • a sales page
  • a press release
  • an advertising leaflet
  • a web page article


What emerges clearly is that copywriting revolves around 2 axes: the design and writing of content.
The copywriter, in the design phase, is located upstream of the project, he is the bearer of the idea. He will design a slogan, a direct marketing campaign, a community management strategy. He must be comfortable with all types of media and supports. He can also be entrusted with an audit of the content strategy or even the creation of an editorial line if necessary.

The writing phase involves transforming the idea into words convincing enough to trigger the prospect’s action while respecting a methodology based on human psychology. This is why copywriting is said to be both “an art and a science”.

The advertising message must be impactful. The words chosen must be right for a clear, attractive and operative content, adapted to the objective, to the broadcast medium and above all to the target customer called “the persona”.

Train as a copywriter

If it is proven that copywriting is a difficult practice to master, there is, however, no academic training delivering the title of “copywriter”. On the other hand, the skills of the designer-copywriter will be the result of a combination of copywriting course choices and personal work.

Self-taught and practice

Without a typical course, the majority of copywriters are, in fact, self-taught. It is accepted that nothing beats practice and personal work. First of all, you have to read what exists on the subject: blog articles, entrepreneur newsletters, sales pages. This allows you to soak up style, ideas and understand the structure of persuasive speeches.

Finally, there is no mystery, to acquire skills you have to practice, practice and practice again! Practice persuasive writing by writing sales pages, create your own website and sell your products or services, find an internship or a position in a web agency.

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