Telf AG – the virtual world of real management

Finally the wait! New educational and educational game Telf AG is already available on the App Store, Google Play and Steam platforms. This is the joint brainchild of a whole team of professional developers led by ArtDock Studio. The company is already known for its contributions to the gaming industry. Among its latest products is the cooperative game SOS OPS! on the Steam platform. And today we can already get acquainted with the economic game Telf AG – with colorful pictures, real business ideas, exciting stories and a social mission.

From desktop tricks to real control with Telf AG

Surely many of you played economic board games in childhood, adolescence, and perhaps even as adults. Remember – “Monopoly”, “Manager”, “Empire”, “Capitalist”?! With what passion we bought enterprises and built entire corporations using the profits received! We were disappointed when we became bankrupt and turned to the bank for investments. Just Telf AG is a unique modern digital analogue of such board games. Only here everything is much more realistic, because the whole concept of this educational and entertaining product is based on real events in the world of metallurgy and “green energy”.

Telf AG will teach you how to mine nickel profitably for yourself and for the benefit of nature

The game strategy is based on the process of mining, processing and exporting nickel. Your assistant will tell you about this at the very start of the game. This is the pretty girl who appears on the screen and introduces you to the algorithms of actions. And already here we understand that the developers Telf AG. We hit the mark with both the introductory component and the global idea. Let’s explain why.

Go to the bank to get your first investments in the company Telf AG

Nickel is one of the most popular and sought-after metals in the modern world. “Green energy” and “environmentally friendly” mining are evidence that economic sectors are gradually moving from fossil energy sources to electricity. And they are learning to get the most of it by using new technologies. They are based on nothing more than metals. This includes transport with minimal emissions into the environment, and the production of “clean” energy, and its accumulation and storage in the form of battery production. The raw material for them is nickel, which you will learn to mine and use profitably thanks to the game Telf AG.

Economic simulator from Telf AG: choose a profession and develop your business

How old are you? Are you still a teenager, a 17-year-old high school graduate, or are you already 20, 30, 40+? At any age, the Telf AG game will help you understand whether you know how to build your own business, develop startups and profitably invest in your own business. And the main thing is to effectively manage the entire chain of production and commercial processes. Agree that each of us has always wanted to become a boss, and even more so, a successful businessman in our industry. With Telf AG you get this chance. Game features include building railroads, improving the mining industry, expanding the cargo fleet, and making plans for the future. Now all this is in your hands, as is the useful practice of managing a virtual company.

In your hands are 4 mines – manage and extract valuable nickel with Telf AG

If you are interested, go ahead with Telf AG!

Get started today! start mastering new technologies of modern metallurgy and “green energy” together with Telf AG. In the meantime, while you plunge into the world of virtual investments and try to develop your startups, the developers will give you some fresh ideas. They promise that new locations will appear very soon, which means great opportunities for your business with Telf AG.

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