Sports Wear: Some Changes in Trends and Market after Covid-19

The value of sports in this world is mainly on how it serves as a global unifier. The common discrimination tags of race, religion, status and gender are forgotten and the supporters come together to celebrate their favourite team. In Australia, after football, basketball has become the most commonly participated sports event. To wear those NBA jerseys in Australia and to call out for the favourite team means a lot to the unity and harmony of every Aussie.

In the period of the covid-19 pandemic, the borders were closed and people had to stay at home for a long-isolated period. The void of celebration caused by the sports held at the national and international level every year is immensely felt by everyone, including the coaches, athletes, teams and fans. The most fallback was faced by the sports goods industry in 2021. However, they soon rose back to their feet with better sales than ever.

This article will talk briefly about the events happening in the sportswear sector. When the shift in the market is one thing the present situation has brought a lot of change in the outfit requirements.

The Covid-19 Impact

After the crisis of 2007-08, 2020 was the worst time in history for the sports industry. Many retailers and brands ended the year in a very difficult position even though there was a minute bounce back after the first wave and lockdowns. The only exception during this time was the Chinese market, which continued on its path of expansion from 2015.

However, as the year progressed, the markets in Australia and around the world began to improve especially in the bicycle, digital fitness and sportswear sectors.


Each specific sports event impacted a lot during the period of coronavirus. It mainly depended on their accessibility during the whole lockdown period. In this after, the participation in outdoor individual sports, as well as home workouts, increased. Even though team sports struggled a bit, some people took the time to practice individually. The clothes for running, yoga, and workout clothes rose in sales.

Shifts in Customer Style

  • Athleisure – this is the never concept among the people who are comfortable working from their homes. As the fashion segment is swiftly changing its outfits to match the trend, the sports goods market should engage in intense brainstorming. One thing to emphasise is that there are already new trends in the market that match this styling requirement.
  • Workout session- the present lifestyle has brought in significant changes to the approach to physical activities. In Australia, around 30% of the population have become more prominent in their workout sessions. That includes basketball training, jogging, yoga, and other workout sessions. The market has a huge demand for clothes for the same requirement as they include outfits for yoga, meditation and workouts. Some even go to the extent of wearing NBA jerseys in Australia for the level of inspiration.
  • Crave for sustainability- in the present situation, people have become more sensitive to the environment and their fellow human beings. For the same reason, the sustainability of any item has become the new purchase priority. The market is introducing more sustainable products and that has visibly uplifted the brand profits.

When it comes to the sports outfits market, recycling can increase their sales a lot. Moreover, they get back directly to the consumer circularity. The brands also have a responsibility and that is not just to the designs and the availability of the products. The back look systems for better management of the recycling should also be given priority.

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