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Some brilliantly striking wall painting ideas for a brighter home

Making a house is not just about simply constructing it, it also largely depends on the memories and laughter that the house will entail eventually. A house becomes a home when the people in it are happy, content, share memories – both good at bad and also can live their lives to the fullest. While this sounds great, it can become even better by brightening up the home with beautiful interiors. What constitutes a good interior to the house? The first thing that comes to mind is the painting. 

Latest variations in painting: These days, the trends are shifting from traditional white walls to different colors. People are becoming more experimenting when it comes to picking the shades of paints that they would like to use for their houses. The Asian paints color combination chart provides a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing the right kind of shades for different rooms. If you are looking to experiment a little bit more, you can also choose to try out different shades for each room and add some designs or wallpapers to give it an oomph. 

Paints combinations for different rooms: Stray from the age-old patterns of painting wherein most rooms would be a white or a warm white and join the trends of the new era of colors and liveliness. Some combinations that you could choose for your rooms could be:

  • Living room – Since the living room is the one where the family gathers and spends the most time together, it needs to be neutral and from a palette that would exude warmth. Lighter shades in white or pink can be chosen as paint for walls for this particular room. For a different style, you could always add some texture and wallpapers or stencils. 
  • Study room – For children to study in or adults to work in, this room would be the one where they would be spending a lot of time. To be able to do work with concentration and attention, it is important to create it according to personalized needs. Colors that go well with the psychology of attention would be blues (lighter shades), yellows, bright greys, warm whites, etc. 
  • Bedroom – The most relaxing place in the house where you can find solace and peace would be this room. The priority would be to make this room cozy, warm, and comfortable. This would also be the place where you can get the most creative and use your ideas and preferences. Any shade from the combinations as per personal choices can be used for this room. Different wall textures, stencils, designs can be tried on and used for bedroom paints. 

Choosing the paint palette and designing your homes is one of the most enjoyable things you can do. While the process can be strenuous, it does not have to be with the right people to assist you through the whole shenanigan. Sit back and relax while your painting needs are taken care of by the experts in town. You will be left to marvel at the results. 

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