Sign PDFs Online without Printing

Gone are the days when you received a document through email and you had to print it and then sign it, scan it and then email it back. Who has time to go through such a long process? It easily takes 15 to 20 minutes and some days, we feel so lazy that the task keeps getting longer, right? This hassle comes to an end, with the facility to sign PDFs online. Now, anyone can simply sign the documents online and email it back within a minute or two! easiest way to edit PDF And that is exactly what we call innovation, as it saves us time, hassle and makes all the processes faster. What else would any business organization need?

Are these electronic signatures or digital ones?

The terminology of being able to sign PDFs online, confuses many. Some people term these signatures as digital ones whereas many state them as electronic ones. But what are they actually? Let’s find out.

When you sign a document online, it is termed as electronic signature. This signature is basically just laid on the image of the document that you have received. This can be easily done through websites or apps that allow you to sign electronically on an image and email it. Most businesses are now dealing in this manner and an electronic signature is not much of a botheration for them. Only a few businesses have always preferred digital signatures but they are a longer procedure.

Is it Legal to Use Websites for Signing PDFs?

Yes. It is absolutely legal to use a website or app to sign your PDF documents and email them to anyone you want to. This is a common practice these days.

How to Sign PDFs Online without Printing?

It is a fairly easy and quick method to sign PDF documents online, without the hassle of printing involved. You can either type your name or draw your signature on it; however you want!

But how is it done? Let’s have a look.

You simply have to download an app that lets your sign on PDF documents online. However, there are many websites that help you in doing so as well. Once you have opened the website, you choose the document that you want to sign. Upload it on the website or you can also drag and drop it. Now, you have to create your signature and apply it to the document. The website has all the steps mentioned, thus read them out carefully. Once the signatures are created and applied, you can email the document back to the sender and that is it. Within a minute or two, your job is done and you don’t have to print or scan the document at all.


These little innovations have fastened the businesses procedures and have made it easier for everyone to manage their tasks more efficiently and smartly. By signing pdfs online, you save a lot of time and get done with the task of signing quickly.

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