Have you ever seen a woman who does not love to wear heels? Never!! That is due to the fact that it is difficult for a woman to never wear heels, they will wear it even if it’s occasionally. Every woman is familiar with fashion and has her style. For formal and even casual attire, heels are appropriate. 

Do you realize that your heels define your personality, just like other things are? Yes, you are curious, just like every woman in New Zealand is. According to psychology, every item a person has revealed an aspect of their personality that intrigues everyone. Who wouldn’t want to know what their heels say about them, after all? 

Now, you would think that this is just a matter of perspective that your shoes portray your personality, but a University of Kansas study has demonstrated this. They assert that a person may be assessed based on their shoes.

The University of Kansas conducted an experiment where they gave participants pictures of strangers and were asked to guess the age, gender, income, social standing, political beliefs, personality, etc., of people in images wearing various styles of shoes. Researchers are astonished by the outcome. Close to 90% of participants gave correct answers to the question.

Now that you are in their shoes, you are undoubtedly curious about how others perceive you. Ok!! Let’s satisfy your curiosity and address all queries concerning what your footwear says about you. Let’s get right to it: 

Flat shoes: People who wear flat shoes will absolutely love this! A concealed leader is what flat shoes represent. You are someone who keeps things organized while working in the background. Even more, it demonstrates your humbleness by demonstrating that you don’t require praise or applause to showcase your efforts. Having a flat is one sign that you enjoy leading a pleasant and flexible lifestyle.

High Heels: All women around the world will absolutely love it! A person who wears high heels is someone who asserts themselves in any setting, whether it’s a party or the workplace. They consistently make reasonable conclusions and develop sound arguments. A person who is wearing high heels exudes confidence and style, and they clearly convey that they are in control of things.

FlashyShoes: It’s a pair of shoes that can never be missed. The outgoing personality is precisely what they claim. And for that one reason, an introvert will never wear them. Someone who wears these shoes appreciates standing out as unique, independent, and stunning to those around them. They are individuals who like drawing attention to themselves and are fearless presenters of style.

Flip Flops: This is simple and easy to guess. Everyone knows flip-flops are shoes we wear at home, at the beach, or when we are having a lazy day. A person who wears flip-flops is friendly, outspoken, and creative. Flip-flop lovers follow life’s natural flow and pursue their passions. They are the people who are admired for their courage and their way of creating their own life.

Ankle Boots: No one would have ever guessed what these boots would stand for since they are among the most fashionable options for footwear. In contrast, they show that someone who wears ankle boots is aggressive, and research shows that wearing ankle boots expresses a fast-paced lifestyle and a strong sense of self-assurance.

Sports Shoes: It goes without saying that athletic people enjoy sports shoes. However, you might be curious about their other offerings. Sportswear wearers are firm, but they are also self-assured, well-organized, and goal-oriented. They are the ones who succeed in planning ahead, handling several tasks at once, and focusing on the work at hand. These folks are open-minded and curious about intriguing ideas, and they never let getting older stop them from doing the things they enjoy. 

In addition to shoe style, hygiene also reveals your personality. Therefore, no matter how attractive you are or how kind your comments are if you are wearing dirty shoes, they will reflect poorly on you. 

Knowing what your shoes say about you may inspire you to add to your wardrobe and showcase your personality. For that, you should check out Novo Shoes New Zealand; they have a massive selection of shoes, including flats, heels, and even boots. New Zealand is one of the nations that promotes and is keenly interested in research and psychological aspects. So, the fact that you chose shoes with significance won’t surprise anyone.


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