Rave Outfit Essentials: What to Wear to Your Next Festival

Rave clothing has been improving and innovating throughout the years. Rave festival goers typically wear baggy clothes before. However, bikinis are now the new fashion trend in rave festivals. Compared to a fashion show, going to a rave festival is less is more. More colors are encouraged, and an abundant amount of sequin materials.

So what are the famous rave outfits that you can try? If you’re new to the rave festival, you don’t always need to wear the usual outfits. There are plenty of outfit combinations to try out. So, if you are planning to attend your next rave festival and are still unsure what to wear, here are some fashion ideas you can try.

  • The lesser, the better

Rave outfits consider themselves minimalist fashion, and it doesn’t need an extravagant style display. Remember, you are attending a festival party, not a meeting. If this is your first rave, you must prepare to dance with many people. Don’t worry; everyone will be dancing with you as well. 

Rave Festival goers consider this as the number one rule when it comes to rave clothing. The outfit is not only for aesthetic purposes but also for functionality. Since you are dancing from morning to night, it will prevent your body from getting hot and gives you more mobility when dancing. Plus, the revealing outfit will make you look more confident while dancing.

  • Add Holo to your clothing.

Another essential thing for your next rave festival is adding Holo to your outfit. It became a rave culture to wear an outfit with LED during the festival. It will make the atmosphere feel like a disco with all the strobing lights on the dance floor. The perfect rave outfit would be a bikini with reflective materials, if less is better.

Furthermore, if a holo outfit can be challenging to find, you can try neon clothes. Don’t limit yourself to just your clothes being reflective. You can also wear reflective bracelets, headbands, and even necklaces. And lastly, you will be easier to look for in the crowd full of dancing people.

  • Small backpack, waist bag, or fanny pack.

Rave festival culture portrays otherworldliness, high energy, and free-spiritedness. You will be partying endlessly from day to night. So, it’s best to have a storage of your things that will keep your energy high up until the end. You can bring your snack and water bottles and keep your phone and wallet.

When going to a rave festival, carrying your things with your hand is a no. It would be the last thing to do in these events. The stuff you take can be tossed around, dropped, or stolen. Always carry a small bag to fit your stuff so it will not stop you from dancing freely without worrying about your things getting lost.

  • Comfortable Shoes

In a rave festival, most of the time, people want to have fun and party all night. There is a dress code for rave clothing because it helps you enjoy the party without any hindrances. For example, as mentioned above, the less is better. Revealing clothes keep you cool. Like with footwear, you would want to wear your favorite daily shoe while dancing.

Avoid wearing high heels, boots, or any footwear that might hurt your feet while dancing. Injuries can happen anywhere, and it always ruins the fun. Comfortable shoes are a must. Rave festivals last for hours and even days. You wouldn’t want to get tired quickly because of your shoes before the dancing even starts. Also, blisters are ordinary in music festivals like a rave. So, pair your comfy shoes with cozy socks.

  • Additional Accessories

To finalize your outfit for your next rave festival, here are some of the accessories you will need. First is sunglasses. The Rave festival usually starts in the daylight. It is the reason why you should get yourself a pair of sunglasses. It helps protect your eyes from bright sunlight, flying debris, and dust. Plus, there are neon sunglasses that are perfect for rave festivals.

The second is body paint and face paint. Well, it is optional. But these accessories are for you if you want to level up your outfit and complete the holo look. Body paints also provide more aesthetic to your outfit, making your time in the rave festival even more fun.

Last is earplugs. Yes, you heard that right. Earplugs are essential to music festivals, rave, and other EDM events as it prevents your eardrum from getting hurt. It is another layer of protection without ruining the quality of the music playing at the festival. Also, if the rave festival last for a few days, having an earplug helps you sleep much better. 

Rave Culture is just fun!

Since the start of rave festivals, it has been prevalent. It has a rich history of creativity, fashion, and music. Rave outfits inspire different fashion styles like bohemian, electric, rock, goth, and many more. Sticking to only one set of rave outfits is not recommended. 

Your outfit is only an extra to the event. Don’t waste a lot of your time deciding on what to wear. The most important is to have fun at the festival. Enjoy the time of your life. But refrain from using illicit substances during these events.


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