Ranking finishers of top teams in T20 World Cup 2021

Finishing a game is quite a tough task for a batsman in the T20 format of cricket. The World Cup dream puts additional pressure on them. The toss plays a crucial role in the shorter format of cricket, especially in Asian venues. The dew factor in the latter part of the match puts an additional benefit to the team batting in the second innings. The finisher of each team has a vital task to put quick additional runs on board if they are batting in the first inning. In comparison, finishers of the chasing team are required to finish the game as per the run rate requirement. Today’s cricket news headline focuses on the finishers of different cricket teams and analysis on their game finishing capability. Hitting boundaries in the last four overs of the powerplay is the major demand of the T20 format, and the player who does that is considered a bona fide finisher.

Following the cricket updates, let’s have a look at the finishers ranking of top teams in the T20 World Cup 2021:


Over the years, the Pakistan cricket team has made significant improvements in their batting. The key to their improvement is the depth in their batting order. The emergence of players like Asif Ali and Imad Wasim has strengthened their finishing capability. These batsmen can add quick runs during the end overs and even have the capability to hit long boundaries.


Having one of the best batting line-ups in world cricket, the Indian team is blessed with quality finishers. After the retirement of M.S. Dhoni from international cricket, there was a huge gap to fill. The task is expected to be done by youngsters like Rishab Pant. His aggressive style of batting makes him a valuable addition to the team. Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja have also gained a lot of experience over the years and can be the finishers that India requires.


A team that has dominated the world of cricket from the early days has also made a strong point in the shorter format of cricket. The Australian batting line-up has good depth in their batting with the presence of players like Matthew Wade, Marcus Stonis, and Glenn Maxwell. They all are very aggressive and hard-hitting batsmen with the ability to put quick runs on the board. Their finishing ability has been an important factor in many matches that Australia has won in a very close gap battle.

South Africa:

The South African cricket team is a major threat to the other teams. They have played the role of party spoiler at many ICC events, and this T20 world cup could not be any exception. With the retirement of A.B. De Villiers, the responsibility of finishing the game comes directly onto the shoulders of their experienced batsman David Miller. His orthodox batting style, hard-hitting capability, and reading the situation of the match make him a prime candidate to grab lots of runs in the last overs. Well aware of all cricket updates, he also has a lot of experience in the T20 format after playing several league teams across the globe.  


The use of the phrase ‘New England’ for the England cricket team is not only just because of changes in their mindset but also their capability to win trophies in major ICC events. As per the requirement of T20 cricket, they have developed their batting order, especially their game finishing ability. Ben Stokes and Moeen Ali are not only excellent bowlers but also world-class finishers. Ben Stokes has emerged as a match-winner for England in all formats of the game.

Here is the list and stats of batsmen from each team who are expected to finish the game in style and take their team to their final destination:


BatsmenT20 MatchesRunSRAvg50’sHighest
Shoaib Malik (Pak)1242435125.6431.22975
Hardik Pandya (Ind)54553146.320.48042
Ben Stokes (Eng)34442136.8420.09047
Glenn Maxwell (Aus)791844155.7430.739145
David Miller (S.A)951786140.0231.894101


Today’s cricket news headline focuses on the close contested battles and the emergence of players who have calm and strong composure. Many Cricket Updates provided above will give a lot of information about the cricket teams and their capable finishers.   

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