Quick Tips to Maintain and Replace your Sneeze Guards

As an office-bearer or a restaurant owner, you may need to consider the need for implementing sneeze guards at your business premises.As of late, it is essential as per the healthcare regulatory authorities to avoid the droplet spreads of germs and viruses causing pandemics like COVID-19. Therefore, as mandated by the WHO and other regulatory bodies, it is essential for all types of business offices, banks, store sales points, etc., to implement sneeze guards to avoid the person-to-person spread of diseases.

Once you install the sneeze guard, it is important always to keep it clean and properly maintained. This article will discuss some essentials to know about properly maintaining and upkeeping your sneeze guards.

Maintaining sneeze guards

Keeping the surface of the sneeze guard always clean and sanitized is very easy but important as long as you follow the standard practices. It is important to clean up the sneeze guard at least twice every business day. Setting up a standard cleaning procedure to be followed by the staff is ideal for ensuring that it is getting done properly. You need to clean the glass or acrylic sneeze guards and railings each day before and after usage to ensure optimum safety. Here are some quick cleaning tips.

  • Use a clean, soft cloth for glass guards. For food safety sneeze guards, use a food-safe cleaner.
  • You may consider using soap water to wipe down the sneeze guard, but do not use any abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that may damage the guard surface.
  • Regularly check the brackets and screws of the sneeze guard to ensure these remain tight and well-aligned. Replace any damaged parts if needed.
  • Inspect the glass for any crack or scratches which may further lead to major problems.
  • Inspect and ensure that the sneeze guard has a proper tilt to ensure optimum protection. If you find any gaps in between the joints, re-adjust them. But do not make it too tight, as it may tend to crack.
  • Sneeze guards are more for functional purposes than stylish, so you need to ensure optimum protection, which is the primary objective of styling elements. But it does not mean that you have to avoid the aesthetic aspects of your office space There are plenty of ways to align your sneeze guard with the surroundings to give a pleasing finish.

When to replace the sneeze guard

Quality sneeze guards are meant to last for long, but there is no such thing that may last forever. You need to also check from time to time about the proper fit and finish off the sneeze guard. Also, keep an eye on any wear and tear to understand the need to replace an old one with a new one. Keep an eye on rusting of the metal components and peeling off the material etc. Most of the adjustable sneeze guards may tend to wear out in a time frame slightly lesser than 10 years as they get adjusted frequently.

In any case, it is important to ensure proper cleaning and upkeeping of your sneeze guards daily and a thorough inspection from time to time to evaluate the wear and tear and replacement needs.

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