Penile fractures and their treatment 

While penile injuries are uncommon, they do present a medical emergency for which immediate help must be sought from a healthcare provider like urologist or Sexologist in Bahadurabad Karachi. A penile fracture is not like a break in the bone; rather, it is the rupture in the two areas of the penis that enable erection i.e. the corpora cavernosa and the sheath of the penis. Read on to know more about penile fracture: its causes and treatments.

What are the causes of penis fracture?

Injury to the penis is a consequence of trauma like car accidents, bike accidents, gunshot wounds, sports, sex, machine accidents and burn injuries. Penis fracture is more common when the penis is erect as blood concentrates in this region and the corpora cavernosa is enlarged.

According to statistics, penile fractures occur commonly during sexual intercourse when an erect penis hits the pubic bone or the perineum, causing the corpora cavernosa to snap. Less commonly, it can be a consequence of traumatic masturbation, sharp blow to the erect penis and rolling over or falling on to the erect penis. Usually, a popping sound is heard when the fracture occurs as the corpora buckles against pressure of blunt trauma.

Diagnosis of penile fracture

The diagnosis of penis fracture is made on clinical basis. A complete history, followed by the examination of the penis is mandatory to find the extent of the injury. For the exact location of injury, healthcare professional may perform investigations like ultrasound, X-ray and MRI.

The x-rays of penis are called cavernosography, involving the injection of a dye into the penile blood vessels and then taking an image. MRI is performed with radio-energy pulses and the magnetic field to create detailed images of the penis.

What are the treatment options for penile fractures?

In case of injury, surgical repair is the treatment of choice. Surgery lowers the complications related to damage like penile scarring, curving of the penis, and erectile dysfunction. The extent of repair can vary with the extent of damage. Examples of repair include getting rid of hematoma—buildup of blood clot, repairing damage to the blood vessels and the corpora, and closing any cuts that result in bleeding. If the urethra is damaged, it is also repaired.

An incision is made near the head of penis and tunica albuginea is examined for tears. If there are tears present, they are sewn together, and a urinary catheter is placed through the ureter into the bladder to allow the incision to heal. The penis is then bandaged fully; patients stays in the hospital for one to days, and medicated with antibiotics and pain medication for proper healing. Follow-up is advised to check on recovery.

Seeking immediate medical care

Penile fractures are a medical emergency. If you suspect injury to the penis, it’s important to seek help from a professional like urologist or Sexologist in F8 Markaz Islamabad  as it has the potential to cause lasting impact on the urinary function and the sexual health. Recovery depends on the how long the injury was left untreated. The chances of full recuperation are higher if one goes to the emergency room immediately following the injury.

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