Path of Exile Hardest Battles For You to Face

Path of Exile is a tough game, and it’s about to get a whole lot tougher.

In Path of Exile, we don’t just have the likes of getting used to the PoE currency system to face. We might be learning to getting started with leagues, or which skill paths work best. Not only that, there are a few fights that will really have you stumped. In this article, we will be taking a look at which boss battles are the hardest for you to face, and where you will find them.

Brutus, Lord Incarcerator – Act 1

If you are a seasoned player of Path of Exile, then you may very well balk at the thought of this boss being anywhere near this list. However, it does deserve a mention considering the grief it gives to new players.

Despite being generally rather slow, Brutus’ attacks covered a wide area and did a lot of damage. It can be hard to find your footing since he can attack you from pretty much any range. This is a place where you need to be more than familiar with the game’s mechanics if you are going to succeed, which is unlikely at such an early stage.

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Uber Atziri – The Alluring Abyss

It’s bad enough that Atziri is a tough battle to contend with in itself. You will see the Queen of the Vaal making copies of herself that reflects any of the damage that you throw at her. If you wish, you can fight the queen in the Temple of Atzoatl with the Level 3 Royal Meeting Room, and you’ll find her appearing in the Apex of Sacrifice map.

However, there is another place for you experience this menace. If you were to go into the Alluring Abyss map, then you will encounter Uber Atziri. This is a much more difficult version of the queen to fight, and you’ll notice that she not only does more damage, but she has more health too. If her Flameblast lands, you’re in deep trouble.

The Hall of Grandmasters Map

This map is a genuine challenge for players, especially for those who are focused on hit-based and speed builds, as well as summoners. It isn’t just a boss fight, but rather a series of battles that will test you to the very core.

The Hall of Grandmasters sees players taking on others that have the Grandmaster Supporter Pack at their disposal. The fact that it has PvP scaling takes summoners straight out of the game. The speed and defence of others also leaves hit-based builds without a whole lot to offer.

Aul, the Crystal King – Delve League

The introduction of the Delve league saw a constantly scaling dungeon being brought in. This was known as the Azurite Mine, and would give players the opportunity to delve into the dungeon’s very depths.  As you come to the end of your descent into said depths, you will come face-to-face with Aul, the Crystal King.

If you are a non-immunity build, you will be killed with a single hit. Not only that, but the way in which the scaling works for Delve means that this is probably the toughest fight you’ll have faced so far. You also have to contend with mobs one-shotting you, and being frozen with a single hit. The global modifiers that are added too make this such a brutal battle.

The Maven – Absence of Mercy and Empathy

The boss arena’s name is very fitting for the Maven. This is considered to be the hardest last boss in the entirety of Path of Exile. You will basically need to utilise every skill that you have learned so far if you are going to overcome this boss. No amount of Exalted Orb or beneficial items you find on PoE trade will be able to help you stop this fight if you don’t have individual player skill.

Expect gatling orb attacks, projectiles, beams and more being thrown in your direction. The beams in particular can take away your resources to heal yourself and increase your mana. Being one-shotted is very possible in this fight, and it takes place in a narrow arena with attacks that can take damage into the thousands.

These are arguably the toughest battles you’ll have to take on when you’re playing Path of Exile. If you need to invest your PoE currency to prepare yourself for these foes, then be sure that you do so.  Remember, it will take not only preparation from an inventory perspective, but you will need to brush up on your player skills as much as possible too.

Have you battled any of these Path of Exile bosses? Let us know in the comments section below!

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