OSRS – Best Ways of Levelling Magic

If you want to level magic in Old School Runescape, then here’s the techniques you nee

There are a lot of different skills for you to focus on levelling in Old School Runescape. One of the most important by far is Magic. Besides having methods of training that can help you earn OSRS gold, there’s plenty of other benefits to you training this skill. Some methods are more effective than others, so today we will be looking at which ways are best for you to level up Magic.


Taking part in quests is a massive part of OSRS, and there are many benefits for you doing so. Besides the likes of earning OSRS GP, quest points and much more, they can also be very effective for Magic.

Quests are important for Magic, since levelling is fast and early quests in particular are useful. So if you want to get a head start on training the skill, then take part in the Witch’s Potion, Imp Catcher, The Grand Tree and Watchtower quests. The reason for these quests is firstly you won’t have to meet any requirements for Witch’s Potion or Imp Catcher. Meanwhile, although you will have to come up with ways of meeting the requirements for the other quests, you will get some handy Magic experienced from doing them. The first two quests mentioned will also take you to level 10 Magic as well.


In OSRS, we have a special way of levelling up our Magic skill in the form of splashing. For those of you who are unaware, splashing is a technique where you auto-attack a weaker enemy using spells that fail, which is also referred to as a splash. If the spell doesn’t hit, then the player still receives experience for casting it. Since you aren’t hitting the enemy, they won’t perish so you can keep earning experience with little input.

Typically, we can earn more experience from landing hits, but you can still make the most of splashing. When it comes to training Magic, you’re going to just use spells. If the spell hits, then the monster is eventually going to die. However, if you were to use the splashing method, you can simply repeat the spell without stopping, earning you all the experience you need. That said, it will be dependent on your Magic bonus too. If your bonus is higher, then you won’t have as much chance to splash. For a guaranteed splash, you’d need -65 Magic attack for your Magic bonus.


In OSRS, you will have four spellbooks to discover. When you start up with your Old School Runescape account, you’ll then have access to the standard spellbook. The other spellbooks however will need a few more requirements for you to look into.

For example, you have the Ancient Magicks spellbook, which concentrates more on combat spells than anything else. You will have to have finished the Desert Treasure quest to be able to use the book itself. We also have the Lunar spellbook, which focuses on skilling primarily. To get this book, you need to complete the Lunar Diplomacy quest. Once you finish Dream Mentor you’ll get access to more Lunar spells as well.

Finally, we have the Arceuus spellbook. This looks at Ensouled heads for Prayer training mainly. So if you do want to train Prayer at any point, then consider doing so before you shift focus to Magic. The reason for this is that you’ll gain Magic experience through Ensouled heads, though the rates aren’t exactly the best.


If we are going to use Magic attacks, then we’re going to need to get some runes. These are especially important where Magic spells are concerned. Make sure that you have an elemental staff so that you can use an infinite amount of your chosen rune that works with your staff. You can also use combination staves as you would with runes. The majority of staves won’t be able to stop you from considering finding OSRS gold for sale down the line, but they will help you when you’re trying to use spells that need a lot of runes.

So training Magic isn’t going to get you out of having to buy OSRS gold. But if you do want a really handy skill to use at your disposal that means you won’t be hunting down a Twisted Bow to take out whatever is in front of you, then use these techniques. Before you know it, you’ll be within touching distance of the coveted 99.

Have you tried out any of these OSRS methods for levelling your Magic skill? Let us know in the comments section below!

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