Online vs OOH Marketing for SaaS Businesses Success

Two-pronged approaches have worked throughout history and will continue to work well into the future and for every business. The two-pronged approach you need to focus on for your SaaS business success? Online and OOH marketing. Simple, but effective improvements can make a world of difference when it comes to your marketing, so jump into the differences, and how to improve your approach: 

Online Marketing for SaaS Companies

Software is digital, and yes, one of the best places to market such a product is going to be right online. Digital marketing is huge and thanks to demographic and user data, you can easily put your product right in front of the people most likely to genuinely need your product. You should consider online marketing as standard, even if you can’t immediately afford a follow-up OOH approach. 

The best part is that you can easily combine your online marketing efforts with your product marketing, engagement, and retargeting efforts. This is done through content. In 2024, content needs to be: 

  • Informative – add new information that hasn’t been reiterated a thousand times. Make your guides, posts, and more as hyper-specific to your niche, brand, and product as possible. 
  • Collaborative – Work with other brands, businesses, and creators to improve your product and generate unique content and marketing materials that benefit you both. 
  • Engaging – Make every post multi-media and engaging, even to the point of having interactive elements. 

OOH Marketing for SaaS Companies 

OOH marketing means out-of-house marketing, or, in other words, any marketing materials a person would need to leave their home to see. This includes billboards, banners, magazine advertisements, and so on. Here are just a few tips to help boost your SaaS OOH campaign: 

Find Your Community 

The first step is to understand who your community is. A creative SaaS software is going to have a different audience than one geared towards corporate settings. Know who would buy your products, and where they are mostly located. Corporate software? Look at the commute. Creative software? Get smaller, and, well, more creative. Think art universities, around artistic communities, and so on. 

Boil Down the Pain Point to One Simple Idea 

You don’t need to elaborate when marketing outdoors, but you do need to get customers thinking about their pain points. A great example of how you can do this is with, a workflow SaaS company that created an OOH campaign with the tagline “Rome wasn’t built in a day… but your dream workflow can be”. They’ve also adjusted their campaign to be location-specific. On the London Underground, for example, they’ve used the tagline: “For better flow, let people off the train first. For better workflow, use”. 

These simple, effective ideas identify the pain point (ineffective workflows and how harder they can be to create) and offer their company a simple, singular solution. You, too, need to boil down what essential pain point your software solves, how you can create a tagline or slogan that establishes the pain point, and how your company solves it, all ideally in two sentences or less. 


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