Online medicine ordering app for the elderly

We all have grandparents living in the city alone, don’t we? Our grandparents have reached a stage where they need constant care. But, how would you help them?

With aging, people start suffering from different conditions, so do our grandparents. To combat the health condition and keep them fit, they must have ongoing medicines. You don’t need to care for them by being with them physically but caring about their supplies of medicines and other health products sure does the job.

This caring for our grandparents starts with finding a convenient and safe online medicine ordering app in India.

To most people, a destination for the online purchase of medicines is Truemeds.

Truemeds is India’s online medicine ordering app designed especially for the convenience of the elderly. This registered online pharmacy(RoC-Kanpur) sells cost-effective and great-quality medicines safely to its customers.

Truemeds provide a reliable environment every time and supplies medicines from the top 30 Indian medicine manufacturers at a discount of up to 72%.

Why is Truemeds a great option for our grandparents?

  • The online medicine ordering app is designed for the convenience of the people. If your grandparents live far away from their local pharmacy, going out to purchase medicines seems an exhausting task for them.

With Truemeds, they don’t need to ask their neighbors to buy medicines for them. Instead, they can themselves order medicines from Truemeds without losing their comfort.

You can make a health profile of your grandparents on the app, adding all the details of their health and allergies. So, they can order medicines anytime with the help of added information. You or they can edit the profile easily according to their current conditions.

  • Due to weakened eyes, our grandparents can’t use phones for a long time. Thus ordering medicines from a time-taking app would be difficult for them.

The online medicine ordering app of Truemeds takes a maximum of 5 minutes to order medicines, which won’t harm their eyes.

  • If you are scared about the quality of the medicines from online pharmacies, you should use Truemeds for the online purchase of medicines because it sells CDSCO approved and tested medicines.

This ensures that drugs sold by Truemeds are safe and not expired, diluted, and fake. Thus the medicines will not harm your grandparents in any way.

  • The app for the online purchase of medicines strictly follows the guidelines of the government of India and sells medicine only with a valid prescription.
  • Truemeds also offers an option of free doctor consultation. This means that your grandparents can easily contact the certified doctor of Truemeds and don’t have to go anywhere for consulting about their health and ongoing medicines.
  • The online medicine ordering app delivers medicine within 48-72 hours of ordering.

Pre-order the drugs taken regularly by your grandparents. So, by the time they finish their medicines, the new batch would be delivered.

Don’t worry about the safety of delivered medicines. The executives of Truemeds delivery medicines safely and fully sanitized at their doorstep without involving contact, especially at the time of covid.

  • In case of any issue, you or your grandparents can easily contact the reliable customer support of Truemeds.

In the case of defective medicines, which is highly rare with Truemeds, medicines are easily returnable. Money is refundable within 48 hours of the raised issue.

If you are looking for a convenient online medicine ordering app for your grandparents, choose Truemeds!

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