Offshore Casino Sites: What are they all about?

Offshore online casinos are a rage these days, attracting and rewarding punters’ passion for gambling. If you lack insights about them, this is your chance to bridge the information deficit.  

With I-gaming evolving rapidly, we see trends favouring offshore online casino websites. These casinos are everywhere on the internet, providing punters with safer, more immersive and private avenues to indulge and win. But what are offshore casinos, and how do they differ from the regular ones? Why do they matter, if at all?  

Let’s take up all this and more, one at a time.   

What are offshore casinos

The offshore casinos and the regular casinos have so much in common, yet the two couldn’t be more different at the same time. Both are online gambling operations, enabling punters to play from the confines of their homes, offices or even on the go. The difference boils down to their base of operations. Offshore online casinos operate out of a country other than your own. Their foreign origin makes them “offshore”. On the other hand, regular ones are based in your own country, catering primarily to domestic audiences. These are some of the best betting sites in India and the world. 

Why do they matter

“Offshore” is a buzzword in the online casino industry. Online casinos advertising themselves as an “offshore” operation are common. The reason for such hype is the mudded legal status of online gambling in different countries. It’s fully banned in some countries legal in others. The offshore casinos are based out of countries with favourable gambling regulations. They are legal in their own country and can extend their services to countries with restrictive gambling laws. 

Take, for example, India, where online gambling is heavily restricted. The gambling regulations restrict online casinos from operating legally from Indian soil. On the contrary, the offshore casinos are immune to anti-gambling legislations, and hence, enjoy a legitimate status by default. Simply put, offshore casinos are legal entities with the right to operate in India and service the local punters. These are some of the best online casinos in India, enabling players to place wagers without violating the law. Some of the best online casinos operating in India are  

Can I trust offshore casinos

No two offshore online casinos are created equal. Some are trustworthy, and some are just a scam. The trustworthy online offshore casinos ensure everything for a fine gaming experience, from fair games, top-notch software, user-friendly interface and secure deposit and withdrawal methods. Also, expect dedicated customer support, should you need help with anything. 

Conversely, the fly-by-night operations are there for one purpose – to rob you blind. With them, your deposits and winnings are not safe. Plus, your gaming experience is pretty bad, as you have to deal with rigged software. These unreliable operations are scarce, though; there’s always a chance of you running into one of them. So, it is critical to partner with a reliable offshore casino.  

How to choose a reliable offshore casino

Let not the unreliable offshore casinos keep you from pursuing your passion. Instead, research well and choose wisely. The hack here is to look for the licenses of the offshore operation you intend to play at. 

The online gaming jurisdictions are home to official licensing authorities that issue licenses and control licensees. They provide licenses to every gambling operation. The applicant casino has to adhere to certain protocols and laws specific to the jurisdiction to attain and maintain licenses. This includes: 

  • Deploying a specific percentage of the workforce in the relevant jurisdiction 
  • Getting the gaming software accredited by an independent auditor
  • Implementing responsible gambling and fair gameplay practices and protocols 
  • Ensuring compliance with Return to Player percentages and deposit security
  • Paying an annual management fee, varying from jurisdiction to jurisdiction 

While licenses establish the credentials of the online casino to operate, there’re other aspects to factor in. A few of them find a mention here:    

  • A reputation built on integrity and transparency
  • An extensive gaming selection to cater to punters’ varied interests 
  • Top of the line banking suite for safe and quick deposits and withdrawals 
  • Superior software and graphics for a speedy and flawless gaming experience 
  • Dedicated customer support, preferably working 24/7/365

If you are looking for offshore casino sites, it’s advisable to look into the casino’s website first. The licenses and software certifications are detailed there. If not, it’s a red flag you shouldn’t ignore. Feel free to get in touch with customer service through the number presented on the website. Or else, log on to review websites for all relevant info.  

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