Notorious haunted site: Genting

Genting Highlands or Genting Resort World is well-known to the general public. While it is now Singapore’s only legal casino, it is also well-known for a variety of other attractions. Genting Theme Park, Genting Cable Car, Sky Avenue Malls, and, most significantly, the haunting Amber Court Hotel and Haunted Ria Apartment. Indeed, within close proximity of Genting Highlands and Resorts World The Amber Court Hotel and Ria Apartment in Genting are two of the most haunted hotels in Singapore. In fact, these two hotels are so infamous as haunted sites at Genting, numerous horror films have been made based on these two locations alone, we will discuss more on that later.

Supernatural vibes at Genting

On the internet, there are several variations of authentic ghost stories claiming to have occurred in Amber Court and Ria Apartment. It always includes vacationers visiting Resort World Genting and attempting to strike it rich at Genting Highlands Casino. Some commenters have described an eerie feeling while checking in at the two mentioned hotels in Genting. First impressions already show that something is largely wrong with the environment at genting, and while physically there, the environment will cause anxiousness to spike.

Horror Film: Haunted Hotel

The narrative begins with a couple visiting Genting Highlands and finding themselves without a place to stay other than Amber Court. They are unaware that the Genting Highlands Hotel is haunted, and, like in the horror film Haunted Hotel Singapore, they are constantly confronted with frightening ghosts. Occasionally, it’s just creepy: you have the distinct impression that someone is watching you even though no one is physically there. However, major haunting encounters include hearing a scary voice howling in the middle of an empty corridor, howling like a cross between a female and a wolf.

Amber Chong’s experience

Amber Chong, one of the actors in Haunted Hotel, had stated that he will never perform in a horror movie after his awful experience while filming inside the hotels in Genting. He had reported numerous supernatural encounters while on set, including seeing a headless girl at the hallway, and an eerie feeling while inside the slow and rusted lifts of the hotel. At night he hears knocking noises and howling winds which caused him to lose sleep, and even after wrapping up the filming process he still loses sleep to this day due to the trauma he faced on set.

Ria Apartment

Ria Apartment with a Spooky Atmosphere in the vicinity of Genting Highlands Casino In Ria Apartment, supernatural sightings and occurrences are common. A couple who booked into the Genting Hotel on the first day of the Hungry Ghost Festival had no idea the hotel was haunted, which made what occurred to them all the more frightening. They felt constantly watched, and the lady couldn’t sleep because she could hear a bunch of people speaking and conversing incessantly from the living room, despite the fact that they were the only two people in the room. They even captured an image of a ghost or spirit while staying there.

Another ghost story from the Ria Apartments describes a “man” who entered an elevator backwards. Furthermore, When the narrator inquired of the two females that rode the elevator with this man, they stated that he lacked a face.

Highway Karak 

The highway that leads up to Genting, known as the Karak highway, definitely has a ghostly reputation. According to experts and local myths, it is one of the most haunted roads in the world, with several urban legends in Singapore. As with Amber Court and Ria Apartments on the Karak Highway, Singapore’s actual ghost stories come in a variety of forms. The yellow Volkswagen is perhaps Karak Highway’s most renowned haunting. According to urban legend, if you are traveling along Karak Highway and come across a yellow Volkswagen, it will slow down and compel you to pass it. That, however, will be your error, as when you slow down and drive ahead of it, you will notice it in front of you again, and it will slow down again, allowing you to pass it. This cycle repeats itself in a frightening manner. And they claim that if you check in the front seat, you’ll notice that the Yellow Volkswagen is completely devoid of occupants.

Husband is Assaulted After Car Breaks Down en route to Genting

The following one concerns a couple traveling in the middle of the night on the Karak Highway. They’re returning home when their automobile breaks down unexpectedly, leaving them stranded in the dark. They await assistance from any passing automobiles, but none arrive. As a result, the guy proceeds to locate a nearby phone booth, all the while instructing his wife to lock the car’s doors and remain inside for safety. Hours later, the spouse does not return, and the lady inside the car is approached by police. They assist her and instruct her to “leave the car slowly and without looking back.” She exited the vehicle and approached the cops on foot. However, she made the error of looking around to see a banshee-like creature devouring her husband’s lifeless body on top of the car.

Visiting the Genting casino isn’t such a good idea, after all

To be honest, traveling up to Genting for any reason other than to breathe in the cold and pure air is a horrible idea. Not only is genting a deadly site; the roads going up to the mountain are reputed to be haunted as well, owing to the numerous accidents that occurred along the lengthy and twisting trek there. Spirits have been spotted driving automobiles and peering into the windows of unsuspecting drivers, with the intention of luring innocent drivers or gamblers to their deaths. The alternative here would be to switch to online casinos, something that we had been attempting to promote for years. When opposed to traveling up to Genting for a few days of poker, online casinos are a fantastic option. If you’re concerned about the trustworthiness of online casino Singapore, we recommend Maxim88, which is one of the most reputable. Maxim88 is a new type of online casino that focuses on accessibility, convenience, efficiency, and quality. Millions of Singaporeans use their gaming platform to play online slot games, online live casino games, online fishing games, and much more. When you’re planning a trip to Genting Highlands, keep in mind that high-quality online casino games are just a click away with Maxim88. Go to the Maxim88 download page to get fantastic online casino applications and start gambling on your phone instead.

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