NBA 2K23: Shot Meter

Buy 2K23 MT at best price on A6K, we are the leading website for trading 2K23 MT coins. Eventually, NBA 2K players have known about each kind of practical shot meter imaginable, from positioned over the players’ heads to positioned at the base of their feet.

A few days ago, the forward for the Toronto Raptors Scotty Barnes revealed his opinion on the shot count in NBA 2K23. He said: “Everyone’s rolls were slow on Play Now, I don’t really like that counter.” It is merely just his opinion regarding the shot meter, and we will see if he’s getting used to it.

Cade Cunningham also opined that he needed time to get used to the new shot meter in NBA 2K23. In an article published on the Paste Magazine website, Cunningham mentioned that he needed time to get used to the shot counter. So what’s going on with the new  shot meter?

While the official NBA 2K23 shot meter has not been revealed and possibly won’t be revealed for some time yet, we may have a leaked image of it. An image of a shot meter has been released from 2KIntel’s Twitter account. It’s quite different from NBA 2K23’s shot meter. Apparently the leak came from someone who was lucky to play the game and noticed that the shot count in NBA 2K23 is different. However, 2K hasn’t confirmed it yet, but if players are talking about it, then the shot meter has surly turned into something different.

One thing we know for sure is that all the unconfirmed leaks will be revealed when NBA 2K plans to reveal its gameplay. From NBA 2K23’s shot counter to dribbling and defense mechanics, we’ll get to know everything there is to know about the game. Given what Mike Wang, director of gameplay for NBA 2K, has to say about the game, we may get more information soon.

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