Most important things one should know about Heart Diseases

In this world of competition heart disease is one of the leading health risks faced by the majority of people because of unhealthy lifestyles and irregular routines. A heart attack occurs when the flow of blood towards the heart is blocked. Excessive buildup of fat, cholesterol, and other substances causes blockage in arteries. And heart diseases are not only about heart attack but it also includes some diseases like:

  • – Heart Valve diseases
  • – Heart infection
  • – Heart rhythm problems
  • – Blood vessel disease and a lot more

Keep reading the article to know more about the early warning signs of heart disease. And for more information, you can opt for online cardiologist consultation.

Early signs and symptoms of Heart Disease: 

Don’t wait to seek help if you are experiencing any of these signs of heart disease. Not all heart attacks are similar some of them are sudden and intense while some are mild gentle.

Chest Discomfort 

One of the most common symptoms of heart attack is Chest discomfort because the majority of the heart attack involves discomfort in the center of the chest that may last for few minutes or it may fluctuate. But please note that not all chest pains are related to heart disease. Some of the heart disease-related chest pain is as below:

  • – The blockage of blood flow to the heart
  • – Blockages in the blood vessels leading to the heart
  • – Inflammation of the heart around the sac
  • – Inflammation of the heart muscle
  • – A disease of the heart muscle

The chest pain may feel sharp, mild, and dull and may vary from person to person and also depends on the intensity of a heart attack.

Pain in Neck, Jaw, or throat 

Symptoms of heart attack are not always similar and not everyone has crushing chest pain some people may experience pain in the neck, jaw, or throat. According to the doctors, jaw pain is one of the most viewed symptoms of a heart attack. You may also feel the strain around the neck and some muscle pain around your shoulder, back, and even arms. These symptoms are commonly seen in women than in men.

Shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing 

One of the most common symptoms of heart attack is Shortness of breath which is medically termed Dyspnea. Shortness may happen previously or during the chest agony of a coronary failure, and at times, it very well might be related to other cardiovascular failure indications with no chest torment.


Weakness can be a less ordinarily perceived indication of cardiovascular failure in women. A coronary failure can cause weariness because of additional weight on your heart because of the bloodstream that is locked. On the off chance that you frequently feel drained or depleted it could a sign that something isn’t right. In this way, it is vital to see a specialist when you experience these early indications of coronary illness.

Heart Palpitations 

Heart Palpitations refer to the skipping of heartbeats or changes in the rhythm of heartbeats. If your heartbeats get out of rhythm it can result in uneasiness, shortness of breath, headache, nausea, and discomfort in the chest. Changes in your heart rhythm shouldn’t be ignored and one should consult doctors on an immediate basis.

One more crazy little-known fact about heart problems is that they are commonly caused by cocaine addiction. That’s right, cocaine is more common than most people think. Excessive use/abuse of cocaine causes irregular heartbeats, high blood pressure and many more adverse effects on the heart that can lead to chronic heart issues.

Causes of Heart Diseases 

Now that we have discussed the early signs and symptoms of heart diseases, we will discuss more the causes of Heart Diseases. Each type of heart disease is caused by something unique to that condition. Some causes of heart diseases are as follows:

  • – High Diabetes
  • – CAD
  • – High blood pressure
  • – Excessive alcohol or use of caffeine
  • – Stress and anxiety
  • – Obesity
  • – Lack of physical activities
  • – High cholesterol a lot more

How to prevent Heart Diseases? 

In times of fast-paced life heart disease is now a leading cause of death. One can prevent heart diseases by following a heart-healthy lifestyle. So, here are some tips to protect your heart:

  • – Don’t smoke or use tobacco
  • – Get Moving – Exercise for at least 30-60 minutes
  • – Eat a heart-healthy diet
  • – Maintain a Healthy weight
  • – Get a good sleep
  • – Manage stress
  • – Get regular health screenings


Hence, at last, I can say that to live a healthier and longer life free one should follow a proper and healthy routine. Make sure to take your medications as prescribed by your family doctor to prevent heart disease. Feel free to visit Mediflam for online doctor consultation.

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