Mistakes People do When Writing Online Reviews

You might be surprised that people can commit mistakes when writing online reviews that could cost your business. You can avoid them if you know what those mistakes are


Have you tried searching online to look for a service in your area like a dentist, hairdresser, etc? Today, there are more people who choose to go online and look for the products or services they want to check what people say about them. This helps them decide, and you probably do the same. 

If you have a business, you should manage reviews so that they do not work against your favor. Find out what mistakes people commit when writing online reviews:

Going to Wrong Review Sites

There is a law that rules over online review sites: 2 or 3 of them will affect your business positively or negatively. The others are just extras. 

Therefore, you must prioritize where you write them. 

you should first focus on the best review sites. Do not worry about other sites until that site’s profile is working great for you. After the 2nd one if it is working well, go to the 3rd one. 

when you already have 2 or 3 sites working for you, alternate between them and make sure they always get new reviews. A review management software is helpful.

They Write a Very Long Introduction that is Unnecessary 

It is best to get to the core right away. When people read reviews, they want to know the gist right away. In addition, a long introduction can bore readers and they will move on to the next one. They have to remember that that they just need to talk about what makes them like or dislike your product or service or if they have any other relevant information to share. 

Giving a Low Star Rating instead of Not Saying Anything At all

An average rating of low star ratings hurts your sales more than not leaving any review at all. You should aim to keep your customers happy so that they will leave a rating of 4 stars and above. You can pre-screen your customers before asking them for a review. 

You can first find out if the customer is satisfied, and if they are, you can politely encourage them to write an online review about your business. This is why you must adore happy or unhappy customers the same way. 

Explanations are Hard to Understand

Sometimes, you will encounter reviews that are just plainly hard to understand. You want to customers to leave a comprehensive review for others to read about, regardless if they are positive or not. This can even make others think that the review is fake and you just asked someone to write a review just for the sake of having a review written. 

These are the mistakes people make when writing online reviews and you should watch out for them. You can use review management system in looking for bad reviews. 

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