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Choosing an online gambling platform can be risky, especially after knowing about all the cyber crimes in Malaysia regularly. Though most online gambling sites don’t offer any safety and security to their players, some online casinos are still out there for their player’s safety.

One of the casinos that you can find in Malaysia is Maxim88. The casino itself is safe as GoDaddy protects the website. Everything that users enter on the website stays there and isn’t shared with anyone except for a limited number of employees. But should you choose an online gambling site just because it’s safe?

Like it’s still gambling. You can still have a lot on the line. And we understand that, so to help you know, this is a better way. We have listed why you should choose Maxim88 as your online gambling platform. So without wasting more time, let’s get straight with the discussion.

Exclusive Partner Table Of Evolution Gaming

One of the main reasons you choose Maxim88 as your online gambling platform is because they have an exclusive partnership with a Swedish software company Evolution Gaming. If you are not familiar with the company’s name already, then we can help you out.

Evolution is one game provider with an exclusive partner table at Maxim88. The games Evolution Gaming provides its players are all high definition in quality, and that’s not the best part about it. All of the games that are provided have live dealers that accompany players throughout the game.

Since Maxim88 is an exclusive partner of Evolution Gaming Malaysia, and to honour that partnership, Maxim88 logos are printed on Evolution Gaming tables as a symbol of unity. Some of the must-try games of Evolution Gaming would be video poker, live Baccarat, dream catcher, and the list goes on.

If that’s not enough to decide whether Maxim88 is the platform you should be going with, then there’s more at the platform. The games provided by Evolution Gaming are fair as they are also tested by eCogra and TST to ensure fairness to players at all times.

The platform also provides gamblers with promotions and bonuses that they can use to their advantage. Some perks include the welcome bonus and unlimited cashback, while some other bonuses and promotions are frequently updated on the Maxim88 website. So make you check before you start gambling.

Trusted By Michael Owen As A Brand Ambassador

If you are a football fan, you must know Michael Owen, the famous football player. And Maxim88 is proud to announce that Michael Owen brand ambassador. For the years 2022 to 2023, Michael Owen is pleased to be the brand ambassador of Maxim88.

The famous football player not only loves to gamble through Maxim88 but also trusts the platform with all its heart. All of this was possible because of the trust that platforms and players have in us. Starting with Evolution Gaming, the organization has trusted Maxim88 and now is a great partner with one another.

You can expect the same behaviour with Michael Owen as he trusts Maxim88, just like Evolution Gaming. Who knows what Maxim88 has planned for players till the following year when Michael Owen is the brand ambassador?

The football player will not only help Maxim88 have a better image but who knows, players might even get special promotions with a 200% Welcome Bonus as a welcoming gesture for Michael Owen.

We believe that Maxim88, through Michael Owen as the brand ambassador, will lead its community, help Maxim88 by providing valuable feedback and be the opinion leader for Maxim88 in his community. All in all, Michael Owen and Maxim88 can achieve great heights, just like Evolution Gaming had its unique experience with Maxim88 for years and years to come.

Join Maxim88 To Entitle Maxim88 Draw

If you are still looking for reasons to join Maxim88, then we are sure this final will help you decide that Maxim88 is the only online gambling platform you will ever need.

Maxim88 holds draws; why would you want to join for draws that give a few hundred MYR? If that’s on your mind, then you should know that these draws can help you get rich in no time.

The best part about these draws is that they are held every week. The first place gets a reward of MYR 1288, the second place gets a bonus of MYR 888, and the third place receives MYR 688. And if you think that’s all, then it’s not. Maxim88 also gives out MYR 88 to 200 players who participated in consolation awards.

Another perk about this draw is that anyone can participate, and all Maxim88 registered members are entitled and are automatically registered to participate. Now all players need to do is play and collect turnover from all providers except IDN Poker, Allbet, Mega888, and 918kiss.

After the time cut-off, members will also get a “number of tickets” in their inbox. The Maxim88 Draw will start every Monday at 19:00 (GMT+8), and the winners are kept confidential with no pictures on their website to keep it private for winners.

Though one thing to keep in mind is that the Maxim88 draw system performs the turnover calculation from Monday 00:00:00 (GMT+8) to Sunday 23:59:59 (GMT+8), and the best part about this draw is that it’s going to stay on the Maxim88 for the entire year so you can join it whenever you are ready to choose Maxim88 as your Malaysia online casino.

Win A Trip to England With Maxim88

Looking for a cheap flight to England but don’t have the cash? You’ve come to the right place.! Maxim88 is giving away a free trip to England in their latest contest. Enter now and you could be on your way to explore one of the most beautiful countries in the world! This is an excellent chance for anybody who has always wanted to go to England.

From August 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022, visitors may enter the contest. There will be 4 types of prizes in total.  To join, simply register as a member of Maxim88 and make a deposit of at least RM1688. Every RM1688 deposit gives you a RM88 cash bonus. For a deposit of RM6888 will get a RM200 Grab voucher. For a deposit of RM48888 will get a RM600 Branded Gift and 1 Lucky Draw Chance.

Total will have 3 lucky winners for 2 pax flight tickets to England, stay at a selected hotel for 5 days 4 nights, and 2 entry tickets for specified football matches. So, what do you have to lose? Why not sign up now and start saving for your ideal trip to England?

Final Words

Now there can be a lot of reasons for you to choose Maxim88; the platform is trusted not only by the best gaming providers but by the best football player as well. Unlike most platforms, Maxim88 knows that it’s crucial that players are satisfied with what they are playing and ensures that all the games at Maxim88 are fair to play for everyone. The platform also provides players with plenty of bonuses and promotions along with draws that can help them progress in their gambling careers.

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