According to RTA law buying car insurance is as mandatory as health insurance in UAE. You will be penalized if you do not have car insurance, whether you live in Dubai, Sharjah, or any other city in the UAE. It means you must have your insurance certificate with you if you wish to drive your vehicle on the beautiful roads of the UAE.

Car insurance companies offer financial protection in case of any car accident or any other natural calamity. It is not easy to decide on the best car insurance in the UAE because so many insurance companies offer different benefits to their customers. However, I have presented various factors below that you can consider before choosing a car insurance company:

1. The reputation of the company:

The company’s reputation plays a significant role in deciding whether you should trust the company or not. It takes a lot of effort and time for the company to build its reputation and a feeling of trust. If a company is better known for its services and quality everywhere, you can believe it and research it to learn more and develop your perspective about the company.

2. Opinions of other people:

Another way to get good knowledge about a specific company is by asking the people around you about their experience with car insurance. Different people will give you different opinions and see what most people are talking about. It will narrow down your list of companies you had heard about car insurance services. You should also consider the factor that only those people who are closed to you will give you an honest opinion.

3. Trustability of customer support:

Talk to a customer support representative of the company and ask them your queries. Suppose they are providing good customer support services and you get a feeling of satisfaction. In that case, chances are they will respond exactly like that when you need their help in an emergency. You will get an idea if you can trust the company or not.

4. Check their social media channels:

The best way to research a company’s reputation or quality of services is to stalk its social media pages. Chances are the way the company is dealing with customers online, showing how much value they give to their customers and represent their product/services. Try to interact with them on social media and learn more about them.

What documents do you need to have?

Even though you provide your personal and vehicle information, the car insurance company will still need to verify your identity, vehicle information, and driving license. You will need the following documents to get the car insurance services:

  • A copy of your driving license
  • A copy of your passport, visa, and Emirates ID
  • A copy of your vehicle’s registration card
  • A copy of the trade license

You will need to provide all of the above mention documents if your vehicle is registered. In case you have bought a new car that has not been registered yet, you will need to provide a copy of invoices or documents of custom clearances. Once you provide all these documents, it takes only a day or a few hours to claim your car insurance.

Things to remember:

  • Go through the policies carefully and check out all the details of the insurance plan. You should know the maximum coverage offered by the company.
  • Suppose you cannot afford comprehensive car insurance. In that case, you must have third-party liability insurance so that the company can support you financially in case of accidental damage to another person’s car or body caused by you.
  • Take some time and read all the insurance papers. Go through the policies and see what benefits you will get from the company.
  • Insurance companies offer various plans and offers. You can agree to take a plan that fulfills your needs and does not create a hole in your pockets.
  • Be aware of the premium charges you are paying against the services you will get. Anything that comes cheaper usually has a lot of drawbacks that we realize later. Do not get excited if the company offers low prices. Always check the benefits too.

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