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Luxury Northern Lights Retreats: Europe’s Coziest Hideaways

Europe is an epitome of beauty and luxury with its pristine landscapes, mediterranean climate, architectural magnificence, delectable cuisine and much more, but nothing beats a celestial journey where the mystical dance of Aurora Borealis would be your nightly escape to a beautiful spectacle. Escape to the magical land of Northern Light Retreats with Luxury Northern Lights Tours to Europe.

This article  will serve as your ultimate getaway to immerse yourself in an exclusive delight of the northern lights blended with luxurious accommodations that will offer a seamless experience with the natural wonders of the awe inspiring Arctic Skies. Europe Packages from Delhi offer a range of diverse options for you to embark on a winter trail to the celestial retreats in Europe with your family and loved ones.

Wilderness of Lapland, France 

This will be your seamlessly beautiful rendezvous in the world of winter magic. This serene wilderness has luxury accommodations in the form of glass roofed igloos, meticulously blended with both luxury. You can make yourself cozy and comfortable in these accommodations and an escape to the land of winter magic and night sky viewing.

The dancing northern lights through the glass roofed igloo will be the most magical part of your stay. The destination is chosen for you to seek comfort, luxury and seclusion in the pristine landscape under the sky where your Arctic escape meets with modern comfort.

The Ion Adventure Hotel, Iceland 

This luxurious hideaway is nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Thingvellir National Park where it provides a pristine blend of nature and luxury. This Iceland Hotel with its beautiful design and well crafted modern architecture makes it an ideal spot for catching the Northern lights. This would not just be it, you will be able to enjoy and immerse yourself in a wholesome experience while relaxing in a hot water tub with auroras illuminating the sky above you, offering a serene and comfortable escape from the hustle bustle of daily life.

Lyngen Lodge, Norway 

This beautiful haven is perched on the shores of Lyngen Fjord making it a stunning escape for those seeking a luxurious and serene adventure in the breathtaking scenery of the Arctic. The highlight of the lodge is its floor-to-ceiling windows which will give you an uninterrupted view of the northern lights. The cozy interiors with a blend of intricate woodwork will make it your warm refuge in the wintery land. It will enhance your overall experience with a selected range of gourmet meals with local ingredients and a relaxing sauna.

This can be your luxurious getaway while you embark on a Luxury Northern Lights Tour to Europe. This pristine destination has it all !

Tree Hotel, Sweden 

This would be a truly unique and unparalleled experience of Northern lights. This tree hotel is magically crafted, suspended amidst the pristine Boreal Forest, with each tree house adorning a unique design. This will be your minimalist yet exotic comfortable retreat while you are seeking to view the Aurora Borealis painting the clear canvas of the sky. The expansive windows of the tree house will offer a full picturesque vantage point to catch the celestial light show.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

This Arctic Resort is truly an epitome of Arctic luxury. This resort features iconic glass igloos which will allow you to bask in the beauty and marvel the Northern Lights in the warmth and comfort of these igloos which will make this your own personal sanctuary. This beautiful experience along with the magical memories will be with you forever!

Immerse yourself in a luxurious stay at the Kelo-Glass Igloos along with traditional log cabins with modern intricate glass domed ceilings that will offer a view of Northern Lights like no other. So whether it’s luxury, comfort or scenic extravaganza, this hideaway is your perfect destination to experience all of it.

Hotel Ranga, Iceland 

This Icelandic wonder is nestled in the beautiful scenic countryside of Iceland. It will offer you a blend of rustic charm and luxury. This is specifically designed to be an observatory and Hotel to offer you a seamless experience of both. This hotel provides a range of suites, with an exclusive observatory suite which is meticulously equipped with its own stargazing telescope. You can savor the Northern Lights from the beautiful comfort of your suite. You can also unwind in the open-air geothermal hot tubs for a relaxing and exquisite experience.

Northern Lights Resort and Spa with Yukon, Canada 

Here you will get both adventure and comfort. The luxurious Northern Lights Resort and Spa will be your cozy haven with private hot tubs and large windows for an optimal aurora viewing. You can also indulge in an adventurous dog sledding tours, snowshoeing and meticulously planned Northern lights photography workshops during your comfortable stay.

You can immerse yourself in a wholesome and exquisite experience of Northern Lights Viewing which will be an experience to last a lifetime.

Golden Crown Igloos in Levi, Finland 

This will be a private and luxurious heaven for your Europe Tours. This is a luxuriate getaway in the Golden Crown Glass Igloos with your own private saunas offering an unobstructed view of the Northern Lights from the comfort of your bed away from the hustle bustle of the world. The reindeer safaris is another highlight with snowball excursions and private dinners under the mystical stars to complement your Northern Lights Experience.

Viewing the Aurora Borealis: Your Personal Light Show

This will be the best part of your retreat, the nightly spectacle of the northern lights is the best part of a trip to Europe. The Luxury Northern Lights Tour is accompanied by meticulously designed viewing areas for you to make the best out of your experience. The retreats also encompass front-row seating for this beautiful nature’s light show. All you have to do is imagine yourself wrapped in a cozy blanket sipping on hot cocoa or champagne with the Vibrant Aurora Borealis painting the night sky above you.

Chena Hot Springs in Fairbanks, Alaska 

Here, you can relax in the natural hot springs while gazing at the Northern Lights and take a guided tour to nearby vantage points for a beautiful and splendid viewing. This will be a luxurious indulgence in the Aurora Ice Museum Suite at Chena Hot Springs Resorts. Another highlight is the ice bed surrounded by stunning ice sculptures. The natural hot spring, ice sculptures, luxurious suites and a guided tour together offers a beautiful experience. This destination will be your ultimate heaven with a blend of everything that you wished for on this trip to Europe !


While you are browsing through Europe Packages from Delhi  by segvto Embark on a Northern Lights Adventure, make sure to have a blend of both luxury and scenic beauty. These European Coziest Hideaways scattered across the length and breadth of Europe in Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden promise not only a spectacular, extravagant front row seat to aurora viewing but also a cozy and indulgent escape to the lap of nature and luxury.

Whether it’s a glass igloo, golden dome igloo, a boutique hotel, a resort perched on a fjord, or a magical treehouse in the woods, whatever is your preference Europe has all of it carefully tailored for your diverse choices. These comfortable and opulent hideaways will let you experience the spectacular captivating dancing vibrant colors of the Northern Lights while nestling in the lap of luxury.

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