Lost Ark: Tier 3 Endgame Guide Lost Ark: Tier 3 Endgame Guide

The endgame of The Raiders of the Lost Ark is where the game really begins to come together. Level 1100 items are currently required for Tier 3, although the majority of real endgame content begins at around 1370 – that’s the level required to complete Archon of Argos, the first Abyssal Raid.

The grind between the start of Tier 3 and the point at which you can access Argos is not an easy one. This is referred to as the deadzone by many players, and it is located between 1340 and 1370. This guide is intended to assist you in making that process a little easier.

What to Do First in Lost Ark Tier 3

The first few hones are the most straightforward. Trust us when we say that the more you travel toward 1370, the more painful this becomes.

Make sure to complete your Punika Chaos Dungeons on a daily basis

Run two Guardian Raids, which is the maximum number of raids you have available to you. The Tier 3 Guardians are not particularly difficult, but the process is still somewhat time-consuming.
Participate in any of the events that are currently available – at the time of writing, the Winter Token event is still running. This is an excellent method of obtaining materials for honing, such as books, breaths, and other items. Abyss Dungeons should be completed once a week for Lost Ark gold.
Daily tasks to increase gold income and reputation with the clearing authorities. For more information, please see our daily Lost Ark endgame guide.

Pay Attention to Horizontal Content

When talking about horizontal content in Lost Ark, it mostly refers to the process of fleshing out your character by completing other tasks in the Lost Ark world. Now that you’ve reached Tier 3, you’ll have a lot more downtime between your progressions, so it’s time to start focusing on other aspects of the game to fill in the gaps.
In exchange for Giant’s Hearts, players can earn a variety of rewards, some of which are relatively simple to obtain. Others will require massive Rapport dumps, so it’s best to get started as soon as possible rather than waiting until later on.
These are earned by completing island quests and Adventure Islands in order to gain Island Souls. You should keep track of which Adventure Island is available on any given day.
Omnium Stars – This is a significant financial commitment, but it is best to begin as soon as possible. These are only available after you have completed Punika’s questline; the majority of them are focused on Rapport, but there are a few others for completing various tasks.
Masterpieces – Another collectible that is worth paying attention to is Masterpieces, if only for the gold injection that they receive. You can also earn the Judgment rune by hitting a total of 44 pieces in a single game.
Adventure Tome – The Adventure Tome for each continent contains some incredible rewards, particularly at the breakpoint of approximately 70% of the way through the game. You can learn more about cooking, collectibles, and other secrets by reading our Lost Ark complete guide. The reward for some continents is Skill Points potions, which give your character an enormous boost in power.

The Isle of Anguish

Players may cringe when they hear this name, but it’s a very important daily grind in Lost Ark’s endgame that should not be overlooked. Anguished Isle is located just south of Punika, and it contains a daily repeatable quest and dungeon that rewards a unique currency, Skein, which can be exchanged for books, materials, and other useful items. Anguished Isle is located just south of Punika. Beating the dungeon also increases the likelihood of receiving an Omnium Star or an Island Token.

Get Your Alternative Grind On

Fundamentally, Lost Ark rewards players who put in the time to develop their alternate characters. In order to move through Tier 3 as quickly as possible, it is extremely beneficial to have at least one other character in the same tier as yourself. You can begin to direct resources from Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids directly to your main character, effectively doubling your material input. Take a few different characters for a spin, unlock the honing research in the Stronghold to make leveling easier, and most importantly, have fun. If it feels like a burden, that’s because it most likely is. There is no requirement to have alternate characters, but it is beneficial.
You can complete Daily Tasks on your alternate characters as well. This will assist you in obtaining those reputation rewards more quickly.
Make use of your alternate characters to set up Bifrosts on the various islands/near an area where you will be grinding for harvesting mats.
For example, you might have a Gunlancer as your main character, who is slow and not very enjoyable to forage with. Construct a Gunslinger to give you a little extra mobility while you’re mining nodes.

Gems from the Farm

Even if you’ve invested significant amounts of money into the game, gems are still a long way off at this point in the game’s development. You’ll need an absurd number of gems to obtain a Level 10 gem (currently the maximum), but being at Level 7 or 8 is a fantastic place to be if you have enough Tier 3 gems to accomplish this. Most classes have their own set of gem building instructions, though Cooldown Reduction is a common gem across the board. If you roll it on your own, that’s fantastic; if you don’t, you can invest silver into our gems to reroll stats for a cost.

Lopang Silver Farm is a family-owned business in Lopang, Philippines

Oh, Lopang. I’m sorry. It’s not uncommon to see an experienced player with four or five alt characters all tied to Lopang, all of which are dedicated to farming silver through the Daily Tasks. Silver is extremely important in Tier 3 – you will notice that your once-massive stockpile of silver begins to dwindle to dangerously low levels after sixty-seven failed honing efforts. You must first complete the quests on Lopang, level up your alts to at least Tier 2, though Tier 3 offers better silver rewards, and then repeat the daily tasks on Lopang in order to receive a silver injection.

Silver is incredibly important. Don’t let it go to waste

Do not reroll gems until you have accumulated enough silver to make a profit. You will require that silver in order to upgrade your equipment.
The ingredients for the Adventure’s Tome become EXTREMELY expensive as the game progresses. For the time being, you don’t need those statues or Ignea Tokens – just be patient and use your silver to sharpen your skills.

Make progress with your runes and engravings

Runes and engravings are the meat and bones of your power level, and they are the most important components.
Runes can be obtained from a variety of sources around the world – you can check the in-game Codex to see where each rune comes from – but they are most commonly obtained through adventure islands, quests, and other tasks. Check out a specific build for your character and see which runes are most effective for each ability you have.

When it comes to endgame content, engravings are also necessary if you want to maximize your damage and viability. Even though you’re aiming for the perfect 33331 setup, it will be a long time before you achieve it if you’re just getting started. Determine which Engravings are the most appropriate for your build and place them in order of importance.

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