Looking to become a real estate transaction coordinator? Follow this 4-step guide!

The process of buying and selling property is quite a daunting task. To ease every step, there are a lot of parties involved that have specific roles. Among these is a real estate transaction coordinator. The transaction coordinator is instrumental in the buying or selling of the houses.

Transaction coordinator real estate acts as the mediator between a real estate agent and a broker. Often, he or she handles the administrative tasks in the real estate industry. The job specification includes but is not limited to;

  • Preparing and submitting purchase documentation
  • Gathering information or documentation from the buyer or seller
  • Communicating with other real estate agents
  • Scheduling house inspection and assistance in negotiation and completion of any necessary repairs
  • Verification of the relevant documents

Transaction coordinator in the real estate industry is quite a satisfying and rewarding career that you might want to be part of. If you are thinking of kick-starting your transaction coordinator real estate, you need to possess the right attributes for the task. This article gives insight into a 4-step guide to becoming a transaction coordinator real estate.


Like other careers, a transaction coordinator in real estate is supposed to possess a specific skill set that makes one qualified for the job. By understanding this, you can perfect this and make yourself stand out. Some of the requisite skills include;

  • Paying close attention to detail. In this profession, it is necessary to be scrupulous to detail. This is because it is easy to miss small details in the real estate transaction, which can turn out to be costly. It would be best to always be on the lookout to verify the fine details after conducting due diligence.
  • Organizational skills. Based on the job description, transaction coordinator real estate covers a wide scope. Therefore, you need to be organized to juggle between correlated tasks. 
  • Punctuality. This career has tight deadlines that scale down to other parties. Therefore, any delay will significantly impact other parties. You should be able to keep time and deliver results within the set timeline.
  • Social and communication skills
  • Focus
  • Positivity

Right attitude

In addition to possessing the right skills, a real estate transaction coordinator must have the right attitude. This is because your job requires you to work with others; hence, you need to have an attitude that is compatible with them. Ideally, your teamwork and social skills contribute to the right attitude for the job. 

Stress management

It would be a lie if anyone ever told you that the work of a transaction coordinator is easy. The job is characterized by long working hours to beat deadlines and do your best to ensure client satisfaction. Therefore, you need the zeal to work under pressure.

Technical aptitude

In the modern age, technology is taking over every world sector. Therefore, you need to be conversant with technological advancements to a competitive advantage over the old school coordinators. It would be best if you were easy to learn and operate new software, set up systems, emails, and understand customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Here is your time if you have always wanted to be a real estate transaction coordinator. This article equips you to learn how to be a transaction coordinator in the real estate industry.

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