Lip Fillers vs. Lip Flip: Which one will give you the results you want?

Many women struggle with the appearance of their lips. As people grow older, their lips begin to thin, resulting in a loss of volume and the appearance of youthful, plump lips that are an important facial feature for many women. While these effects of aging are natural, cosmetic interventions can be pursued to minimize the effects of thinning or wrinkling lips. 

Depending on your specific goals for treatment, the path you choose to achieve fuller, younger-looking lips may look different than it will for someone else. While both primary lip treatments target thinning lips, the properties and effects of their approaches create different results. Speak to your cosmetic surgeon from Sculpt Spa to discuss which of the two most popular cosmetic interventions for lips are the most applicable for you. 

There are two primary methods used to target thinning lips: lip fillers and lip flips. So, now that you know the options, how do you know which to choose? Consider the following information carefully to make the best decision for the results you’re looking to achieve. 

Lip Fillers vs. Lip Flips 

Although lip flips and fillers are each their intervention, they share a similarity. Both treatment methods create a filling effect, leading to a more sensual result in the appearance of your lips—other than this effect they provide, both function in distinctly different ways. 

For instance, lip flips rely on Botox, which causes the lip to flip upward for visual enhancement. In contrast, lip filler uses hyaluronic acid injections to create lip volume and softness. Lip flips take around one week to see results, whereas lip fillers appear instantly. Your lip fillers will last you for about a year before needing touch ups. 

Lip flips are much more short-lived and require updates every six weeks. Both styles of treatment may cause some swelling or bruising, but these symptoms subside quickly in both cases. 

Things To Consider 

The recovery time for lip fillers is longer than for lip flips, but each case is specific to the individual. For the average person, it may take between three to ten days to achieve a full recovery with lip fillers instead of zero recovery time for lip flips. With lip fillers, you get a more natural treatment. 

The hyaluronic acid (which is already present in the body) stimulates collagen production, making it easier for the lips to stay plump on their own. The lip flips range from $80-$120, and lip fillers go for $550-850. Sometimes people like to combine both treatments, given the limitations of lip flips. Lip flips change the lip’s contour, but they do not add extra volume. You can only achieve volume if you go with lip fillers. 

Determine The Best Option For You 

Depending on your lips, the treatments you choose will vary. Make sure that you select the right option for you, but keep in mind that lip fillers require less upkeep. Speak with your cosmetic surgeon to determine the best options to get lips you’ll love.  

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