Led Therapy: How To Choose The Right Color For Your Skin

Led Therapy: How To Choose The Right Color For Your Skin

Colors are used for the treatment of your skin. Choosing the right color is all you have to do. Every color owns its grace and individuality. A professional can help you in this regard. LED therapy is used in improving our skin health. They are also beneficial for your raised vibration and better mental health. Let us discuss the goodness of individual colors. For more information on Melbourne facial clinics be sure to visit Victorian Dermal Group .


Blue has strong antibacterial properties. Blue LED is able to destroy bacteria that lie deep within follicles and pores. It can improve the look of congested and breakout-prone skins. Experts use Blue LED lights for the treatment of acne. It does that by reducing activity in the sebaceous glands, so they produce less oil that plunges the hair follicles. Follicles lead to acne. Blue light dooms acne-causing bacterial elements known as Cutibacterium acnes. 


Do you use anti-aging products? It is probably the right time for experiencing green light therapy. Supplient this LED treatment with the creams. Experts recommend this color to reduce and improve large pores on chicks, under-eye wrinkles, and unwanted dark spots. Green light therapy lamps correct dark spots of skin. Green is popular for stimulating collagen renewal. A green light LED therapy helps in fading undesired pigmentation. That also nurtures positive energy around. That is something we all can use these days. 


Red and LED – words are nearly synonymous. Red therapy is used in both LED therapy at home and at doctor’s chambers. Even NASA has researched its wound-healing effects. Red light therapy lamps are good for those who are battling redness, sensitive skin, and rosacea. Red also has calming effects. It releases dopamine. A red LED therapy inspires sleep, cures stress and anxiety, and stimulates the production of collagen. All that together rejuvenates skin. Do you look for a little cheaper at-home treatment? try red. 


Purple is nothing but a combination of red-blue. It is an anti-acne and anti-inflammatory light agent. Do you want to avoid the irritation of a stronger topical treatment? Purple is the color to increase cell regeneration. It reduces dark spots. That further can even out your skin complexion.  


Amber is most useful in the season of winter. Seasonal affective disorder symptoms can be improved with the help of Amber light. Amber is a light that stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. Circulation influences oxygen flow into blood cells. That further improves the glow and radiance of your skin. Experts recommend that amber is a light that can push the state of euphoria. Amber light therapy lamps are the next go-to regimen after you are done with the day’s hard work. 

Best Practices

So now you know about LED light- incorporate that into your daily skincare routine. Beauty experts use them for professional purposes also. 20-minute sessions thrice a week will be good enough. 


Today’s people are busy. They are in the rat race of life. Lack of peace reflects on the skin. Let yourself be kind to all and to yourself. Treat yourself with light therapy. Our skin is the protective cover of your whole body. Give it its due share of love and care. Light therapy also soothes your mind. Calms your inner battles. Now when you know the unique benefits of the colors, pick the most suitable one and experience bliss in a new way.

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