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Learn How to Get Your House Clean and Organized

House Clean and Organized

Back in 2019, a single Netflix series started a trend some have called a “decluttering revolution.” With her simple tricks for how to get your house clean and organized, Marie Kondo has inspired viewers to make the most of their space by keeping only what sparks joy.

Of course, that’s easier said than done when your home is overflowing with clutter! How do you get from a space teeming with disorganized messes to one you can be proud of? If you’re looking for better ways to clean, we’ve got you covered: here’s a quick guide on how to keep your house clean and organized. Moreover, you can also visit stuffsure for further guidance.

Do a Deep Cleaning and Get Organized

If your goal is to organize your house and do a thorough cleaning, you may want to set aside at least one full day for the process, if not more.

Of course, your timeline depends on how thorough you want to be. If you have a messy, cluttered home in need of intensive cleaning, you’ll need more time. If your home is relatively clean but needs a quick refresh, on the other hand, it’s possible to organize your house in one day—and you may even be able to skip a few steps instead!

Declutter First

Start your journey to a clutter-free space by decluttering from the inside out, and skip bins can be your invaluable ally in this process. Begin with an internal assessment, sorting through belongings and identifying items that are no longer needed and once you’ve decluttered indoors, extend the process to outdoor spaces such as yards, garages, and storage areas. Dispose of unwanted items promptly by utilizing skip bins, here is a source that will provide a convenient and efficient way to manage waste. Skip bins accommodate a variety of items, from old furniture to general household waste, making them an ideal solution for comprehensive decluttering. This method not only creates a more organized living space but also contributes to a cleaner and aesthetically pleasing environment. By decluttering both indoors and outdoors with the assistance of skip bins, you set the stage for a more functional, spacious, and visually appealing home or workspace.

Go Room by Room

It’s tempting to bounce back and forth between spaces, but most people have an easier time by cleaning specific areas one by one. If your house needs major decluttering and cleaning, you may need to break each room into smaller spaces to tackle, such as a closet, a desk, or under the bed.

Clean Efficiently

Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to start cleaning—but don’t tackle it in just any order! Instead, clean from the top down, from dusting the ceiling fixtures to wiping down the windows to vacuuming the floors.

These tips should help you get your home more organized, but if you’re struggling with a huge mess, don’t forget that you also have the option to pay someone to organize your house! Professional organizers are experts at decluttering, and they can help you get your home to a state you can keep up with on your own.

Make an Annual List

If you’re planning to actually keep your home clean and organized, it can be helpful to have a list of larger household projects you’ll want to tackle each year. This allows you to get into the routine of constant cleaning, and it helps you avoid finding yourself with a messy home in a few short months!

Depending on your preferences, you may want to assign each of the following tasks to a specific month or to a specific season.

  • Steam-clean your carpets
  • Clean your ceiling fixtures
  • Deep-clean and organize your refrigerator
  • Deep-clean and organize your pantry and kitchen cabinets
  • Defrost, clean, and organize your freezer
  • Deep-clean your oven and stove
  • Organize your medicine cabinet and toss expired medicine
  • Clean and organize personal filing cabinets
  • Clean your mattress
  • Flush your water heater
  • Clean the area around your air ducts and vents
  • Clean the outside of your windows
  • Wash your curtains and drapes
  • Vacuum out your fireplace
  • Purge and organize your garage or basement
  • Organize your closet and toss clothes and shoes you don’t wear
  • Wipe down outdoor furniture
  • Empty your gutters

Note that while you can skip these tasks, keeping up with them can help you maintain your household’s quality of life. Clearing away dust around your air vents, for example, helps your HVAC system keep your temperature more comfortable, while flushing your water heater once a year can help the system continue offering hot water for years to come!

Do Regular Tasks for Ongoing Upkeep

On top of these annual tasks, it’s important to get into the habit of a few more frequent tasks as well. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways you can stay on top of your home’s organization and cleaning in a few minutes a day.

First, set aside a time for cleaning. Even fifteen minutes helps, and if you schedule a time for regular tasks like vacuuming or laundry, you’re more likely to stick to them.

Next, make a list. Like with your annual tasks, it can help to have a physical list of the things you want to do each day. Try checking an online list for inspiration, or create your own.

In addition, don’t forget to clean as you go. Examples include wiping down your shower after use, starting a load of laundry as soon as you get home, or making your bed when you wake.

Last, get into the habit of not leaving a room empty-handed. Do a quick scan before leaving a room to see if there’s anything that should be put where it belongs.

How to Get Your House Clean and Organized

Though everyone loves a clean house, the truth is that no one likes to clean! Ultimately, making this unwanted task into a regular habit is the best way to maintain your home’s organization and keep a cleaner space. Use these tips on how to get your house clean and organized to stick to a schedule, allowing you to stay on top of your clutter.

Looking for more tips to help you make the most of your home? Check out our other guides for additional insights!

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