Know about different types of hairs used to make Wigs

Whether out of necessity, to change the appearance in a practical way or for cultural or religious reasons, wigs are becoming more and more common nowadays. However, some people are still afraid to use the accessory due to its artificiality, which is currently no longer true, as, over time, wigs have evolved in such a way that they are no longer that strange prosthesis they used to be, but unnoticed as natural hair.

Currently on the market there are several models and options of wigs for all tastes and needs. They can be straight, curly, afro hair, short, long, full laces, front laces etc. But the big difference of each accessory is actually in the type of hair used in its making. After all, which hair option is better for a wig: natural or synthetic?

To know this, it is also necessary to understand some aspects, including behavioural ones, as each person has different needs. Some prefer frontal wigs with a longer-lasting material so they can wear them longer; others want an accessory that will only last for a certain period or during a special occasion; or even we should also consider other needs such as greater convenience in handling the hair, as some models can tangles more easily. Or if you like styling your wig with flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers and the like, it’s always good to know what kind of hair you should or shouldn’t buy.

Human / Natural Hair

The human hair is probably the most adored hair kind and valued by most people, largely due to its excellent durability and natural beauty. It is also the type of hair that can receive chemicals, heat tools and the like, and that usually tends to look smoother when going through the flat iron and with beautiful curls after the curling iron. But despite having more resistance, they also need the same care you would apply to your own hair, that is, you have to wash, condition, moisturize, etc.

Care and Maintenance for Natural Hair Wigs

It is common that many human hairs used for making wigs, appliqués and prostheses have gone through some chemical process for the removal of dyes, products and treatments that the donor has carried out, or even some modification so the accessory can adjust to the taste of the person. Client, as in advertisements for curly or too smooth wigs. In this case, it may be that the wire has undergone some change to stay that way. There are also situations where accessories may have been made so personalized.

Virgin and unprocessed hair

There are also types of virgin human hair, those without any type of intervention, usually coming from Asia and Brazil (the most requested), and unprocessed hair (Unprocessed Remy Human Hair). Both are examples of hair considered rare in the market and for that reason they are very expensive.

Natural Hair (Remy Hair)

If you like this hair universe, you’ve certainly come across wig advertisements with the name “Remy Human Hair” in the sales title. After all, what would that be?

Well, “Remy Hair” is a natural hair that only has its cuticles intact and all in the same direction (processed hair). It may have already undergone some (chemical) change to suit the market, or it may have been collected from different donors, but that’s it. What matters in this type of hair is precisely the part of the cuticles, which in fact need to be in the same tune, which directly affects the quality of the hair.

Organic hair

The organic hair is another known to women and professionals in the industry for some time. This type of hair is generally very similar to natural (human) hair, both in touch and appearance, but it is made from a bio-vegetable material. It also offers the benefit of handling dryers, flat irons, etc. However, after these procedures, as in the case of a flat iron on organic curly hair, after washing, it will hardly return to its original shape.

In order to stay preserved, organic hair needs to be constantly hydrated, in addition, of course, to the traditional care you would have with natural hair. Avoid sleeping with wet hair. If you can, after drying, make a bun before bedtime to avoid tangle of locks. Taking all care, it can last more or less, between 2 to 3 months in good condition and appearance.

Traditional synthetic hair

A lot of people have some fear or prejudice in relation to 5×5 closure wigs and synthetic hair extensions due to some poor quality materials that appear to be sold around. But the truth is that synthetic hair doesn’t always have that shiny, artificial look that many people think. There is a variation in the manufacture/confection of a synthetic fiber accessory, and some can offer a very satisfactory result.

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