Jon Urbana, the mastermind behind the success of KOW Steaks

Food is the thing that keeps us moving and going. Sometimes people eat for hunger and probably most of the time. But sometimes one great meal can make your day. If you are an American, you can realize how much a great meal can make your day. One of the favourite dishes for American is beef steak. You can find the best beef steak in American at They make the best steak in America. But the mastermind behind this is none other than Jon Urbana.

Talking, Jon Urbana and his cousins found KOW Steaks back in 2016. However, their foundations return a lot further. We are sixth era family ranchers, and farmers and KOW is only the most recent achievement. In a long custom of consolidating new developments with customary practices and qualities that all began the farm, our extraordinary granddad set up more than 125 years.

It’s continually challenging to sell a transient item, and Jon Urbana doesn’t imply that as far as decay. The truth of the matter is that Wagyu meat is an extravagant item. Individuals will, in general, consider it just as far as the most select cuts. For instance, Jon Urbana’s Hatchet slash is impressive and one of their most mainstream things, alongside their ribeye, filet, and NY strips steaks. However, many people don’t understand that a solitary 1,400lb cow delivers around 14 lbs. of tenderloin. Numerous different cuts are the same and permit individuals to encounter this fantastic hamburger at an altogether lower value point. 

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They have a “100% No Waste” reasoning at KOW, which means we utilize all aspects of butchering to make an assortment of items that may shock you. We work with a fantastic group of culinary experts to make items like their Wagyu frankfurter. The escalated marbling in their hamburger gives you the high-fat substance you’d anticipate from pork; in any case, since it’s their meat, you don’t need to overcook it until it’s anything but a hockey puck. Their bone stock and Wagyu jerky are two other well known new things that are delectable. However, they are loaded with nourishment. We likewise sell Wagyu ground hamburger for the best burger you’ve at any point tasted.

Jon Urbana’s best counsel is that, to succeed, you should convey outstanding quality reliably. Individuals need to eat regular, fortifying food, which has never been all the more promptly available for the average individual. Because of improvements in internet business and quicker transportation, nearly anybody can get immediate from-the-ranch food conveyed right to their entryway. By buying straightforwardly from the maker, you support neighbourhood ranchers and farmers. However, you get food sources that are raised economically and capably. To sweeten the deal, you’ll before long discover that when you eat superior grade, ranch new food, you don’t require complex arrangements, extravagant kitchen contraptions or overwhelming flavours and sauces to get the tasty flavour. The flavour is, as of now, stuffed in there straightforward, sound and tasty.

It sounds unoriginal when you talk about accomplishing something you are enthusiastic about, yet it’s actual. Glad clients and cheerful representatives are the first concern at KOW. However, if Jon Urbana is straightforward, there’s nothing that causes Jon Urbana to feel more fruitful than when Jon Urbana acquires somebody with Wagyu meat, interestingly. Notwithstanding our business and shopper direct tasks, they likewise present KOW Dinners. They cooperate with driving cooks and top wineries around the nation to unite ideal fixings with immaculate readiness to make a remarkable feasting experience. Simply seeing the demeanour all over when they take their first nibble of our hamburger is a rush. That is an achievement.

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