Is Football Betting Legal in Singapore?

With more than dozens of different sports to bet on at most sites and more than 30 at others, bettors have a plethora of options when it comes to placing wagers online. Singaporean bettors want games that are closer to their hearts, like football, rather than the more specialized sports like chess and lacrosse that are typically offered.

The legality of things in Singapore

The Remote Gambling Act was passed in 2014. Singaporeans are now prohibited from partaking in any type of online gambling according to this act. Gambling conducted via a remote medium such as the World Wide Web, a telephone, a television/radio broadcast, or any other kind of media distribution is referred to as “remote gambling.”

That covers pretty much everything you can do short of physically meeting up with an underground bookmaker. At the moment, not just football, but also Formula One and horse racing, are allowed bets at Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.

Gambling, whether in person or online, is generally illegal in Singapore unless specifically licensed or exempted. This is in keeping with the government’s attitude that gambling is not recommended, but that some types of gambling are acceptable within specific parameters.

Are there any exemptions?

Social gambling that occurs in person or at brick-and-mortar establishments is the only kind of gambling that is not illegal. An activity must be both “physical” and “social” in nature to qualify as “physical social gambling,” as suggested by the name.

To clarify, “physical” denotes gambling that takes place in a private residence, as opposed to a public venue like a casino, bar, or community center.

Members of the same household or people who have other personal ties, such as friendship, are considered “social.” The gaming in question must not be conducted for profit. Besides victory, no one should gain anything from taking part in the event.

Online football betting in Singapore

Those who used to wager on football games on the internet in 2014 may have noticed a sudden restriction on their access to their preferred gambling sites. This is due to the recent passage of the Remote Gambling Act.

Finding a football betting Singapore site that hasn’t been prohibited doesn’t mean it’s necessarily safe.

The fact that many gambling sites are based in other countries also does not protect you from their predatory practices. Use of any remote betting service based outside of the United States is prohibited by the Remote Gambling Act.

A word of advice when football betting online

Bets with local bookies are technically illegal but are still widely accepted. Some of your well-heeled pals may have even opted to try their hand as bookies for the duration of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

It should come as no surprise that both bookmakers and punters in Singapore are breaking the law by using any kind of remote gaming service established in the country. Included in this category are orders placed not only through websites, but also via phone, text message, or some random dude on a message board.

You should avoid getting into problems by only using Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club for Singapore online betting. Despite the fact that the chances aren’t quite as good, some bettors will only play at football betting Singapore sites that guarantee their safety.

Closing thoughts

Football betting online in Singapore is very popular among Singaporeans who are passionate about the beautiful game of football.

The FIFA World Cup has the largest fan base for online football betting in Singapore, although the English Premier League, the Singapore Premier League, and La Liga are not far behind.

Football “prop” bets, such as a player scoring or getting booked, are common in online betting markets because punters recognize the benefits of betting on an outcome unrelated to the match result.

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