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If you’re a Pokemon fan and want custom shirts, this guide is for you. Every successive generation sees a change in the popularity of the Pokemon series, which fluctuates from time to time. The number of Pokemon has steadily expanded throughout the series, now totaling approximately 900, from 151 in the original games. Every Pokemon fan has a favorite one, and with so many to select from, you’ll never run out of options. 

In 2020, fans voted for their favorite Pocket Monster pal in a survey conducted by The Pokemon Company and Google. Some familiar faces from the series cut, along with a few surprises. Pikachu didn’t even make it into the top 10 mascots. Here are the most popular Pokemon in 2020, as judged by the opinions of their fans:


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A select group of legendaries, including the sea guardian Lugia, have made it to the top of our list. Its counterpart, Ho-Oh, is missing from the scene entirely. Lugia has had a significant role in the series’ history.  So, if you are a Pokémon professor wannabe, a Lugia on your shirt is a great idea. 


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Toxtricity was one of the most talked-about new designs of the series. A Pokemon’s ability set is limited when it initially appears since it is a baby. With two distinct personalities arising from the infant’s origins, the baby grows up to be a real punk rocker. Volatile Pokemon is part of its appeal. We can see why so many people fell in love with Toxtricity right away. 


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Many people have fallen in love with Galar and his soccer-themed bunny design. On top of that, it’s the only Gen 8 starter in Pokémon Unite, while Cinderace’s Gigantamax form is – unexpectedly – fantastic. The Pokémon Company appears to be a fan of it, as well. 


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Having first appeared in Generation I, Gengar has long been a popular Pokémon among gamers. The Ghost-type was one of the first Pokemon to be introduced, and it holds a particular place in the hearts of many trainers that most people put in their custom shirts. 

However, Gengar’s look is not the only reason it’s so popular with fans. In terms of team composition, it is a strong Pokemon with personality. A testament to its popularity, Gengar’s Mega and Gigantamax versions are standard on top competitive lineups. 


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Eevee has always been a most-loved Pokemon. Gen I’s Eevee had a distinctive evolving process that set it apart. Eevee evolved with the use of evolution stones rather than by leveling up to become one of three different species in its ultimate form. 


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Even though Mimikyu is a relatively new Pokemon, it has already become one of the most popular Pokemon worlds. It’s no wonder that Mimikyu has been a popular Pokemon since it was introduced in Generation VII. 

If the likeness to Pikachu was what originally attracted attention to it, Mimikyu’s tragic past and legend surrounding it are what keep admirers coming back for more. After this point, Mimikyu’s fame is only going to increase. 


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Greninja’s large fan base should not come as a surprise to anyone, although it may surprise some. The Gen VI Water-type starter was a fan favorite from the outset and played an important role in Ash’s squad during the anime. 

When Greninja becomes famous, it shows up in ways, much like Lucario did when he first appeared in the series. Many other games and spin-offs use it for the trading card game (TCG) and custom shirts. 


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While Gardevoir is feminine, Gallade is a male counterpart knight to avoid any dispute with the appearance of the two being mistaken for the same thing, which would make it even more troubling. 

Mega Gallade may be superior to ordinary Gallade due to its greater speed, as well as Gallade’s vulnerability, which is why it’s underutilized. But overall, Gallade is a favorite design for most fans. 


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Pokémon Sun & Moon introduced Rowlet along with Litten and Popplio. Rowlet also is one of three returning starters in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Rowlet is now a playable starter in the game. As far as cuteness and bowtie-wearing go, it’s hard to argue that this adorable owl Pokémon is a fan favorite. 

Rowlet can hold its own on this list due to its own merits. As Rowlet evolves, you will get the much cooler-looking owl who bears the Robin-Hood theme with bow and arrow design. 


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Piplup’s popularity seems to swing widely from one person’s list to the next, making it impossible to categorize. It has a fantastic design and amazing typing, yet is nevertheless just mediocre compared to better starters since it is so simple to forget. But, Piplup is still a great choice for shirt design.

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