How to withdraw money from Puncak88 Casino!

Withdrawing funds from a casino is a responsible procedure, since often we are talking about large amounts. To protect themselves from fraudsters, reliable gambling clubs require you to provide personal information. Puncak88 Judi online slot is the Very trusted Gambling Site.

 As a rule, many novice players find out about this condition only at the moment of the first withdrawal of finance. To get your winnings without any problems, you need to provide the following scans of documents:

copy of passport pages (with photo and registration address);

any certificate or receipt, official document with a seal, where the actual address is indicated;

a screenshot of the payment system where the deposit was made (page with name, surname, e-mail and account number);

photo of a credit card from both sides (the secret code can be sketched).

Don’t worry about the safety of confidential data. They are not transferred to third parties, but are used only to clarify the age and protect the resource from fraudsters.

It is better to verify the account in advance, since the owners of the gambling houses rely on the gambling of their clients. Some gamers cannot resist the temptation to play further, so they may not wait for the documents to be accepted and cancel the withdrawal request to win more. But in reality, more users can only lose.

Another important point is the presence of a hold. Be prepared for the fact that before you withdraw money from Puncak88, Volcano or Super Slots, you will have to wait until the affiliate program of the gambling establishment processes all your data and allows you to withdraw funds. Customers do not always like this condition, as they have to wait for several days. But on the other hand, the game house checks if the players are breaking the rules. You don’t want to be deceived by someone, do you? If such conditions do not suit you, just choose other portals for your past time so, Just judi online slot 

What if the funds are not withdrawn from the casino?

If, out of inexperience, you contacted the site on a one-day basis, you already had a question of what to do if the casino does not withdraw money. Unfortunately, fraudulent activities are not uncommon in the gambling business. On the forums, you can often come across the fact that the new developing portal has not paid a large win to the user.

If on the portal the payment is delayed by any means or the account is simply blocked for allegedly violating the rules, we sympathize, but you will not see your finances. What to do to get paid?

Be sure to take screenshots of your personal account with your deposits, winnings and correspondence with support.

In licensed Puncak88 there is Online Slot that controls the activities of the partner. For illegal actions in relation to customers, you have to pay rather big fines, as well as re-gain trust. Therefore, write a letter to the e-mail of the Commission for the Supervision of Online Games, be sure to attach all evidence of your innocence. Often, after such a complaint, the funds are not only quickly withdrawn to the gamer’s account, but no deposit bonuses or free spins are also given to smooth the situation.

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