How to Use E-Liquid Nicotine to Quit Smoking

If you have tried and failed to quit smoking cigarettes, you are not alone. However, one method a lot of the successful quitters have used is vaping e-liquid nicotine instead. Here is why it might work for you.

You Are Addicted to Nicotine

If you are trying and failing to quit smoking, you may be addicted to nicotine. This is the hardest part of the cigarette for a smoker to give up but, if you switch to E-liquid nicotine instead, you will not be inhaling the other harmful chemicals you are exposed to when you smoke traditional cigarettes. The great thing about E-liquid nicotine is that it comes in varying degrees of strength. This means that you can make the switch and reduce the amount of nicotine you are inhaling gradually rather than having to go cold turkey and this can help your chances of quitting greatly.

You Enjoy the Ritual

Many smokers have found that they prefer the ritual of smoking rather than the cigarette itself. If you find that you always smoke at the same time of the day, on leaving the office or after dinner, for example, you may be a ritual smoker. It can be difficult for ritual smokers to give up as they don’t know what to do with their hands or how to fill the time, they would usually spend smoking. This can lead to failure. However, with an E-cigarette, you do not have to give this part up immediately, if at all. This can make the process easier.

You Enjoy the Social Aspect

Many people enjoy the social aspect of smoking. It may be that you have a smoking group that takes a break from the office at the same time or a group of friends that have bonded over a cigarette. It can be hard to give up smoking if this is the case. However, smoking E-liquid nicotine means that you don’t have to miss out on the office gossip or taking a break as you are unlikely to be able to vape at your desk. You can also have tobacco free pouches for a much healthier choice.

If you are trying to quit smoking, using E-liquid nicotine instead can be a fantastic way to stop. Try it for yourself and break the habit of a lifetime.

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