How to Sweeten a New Peripheral Relationship

Regardless of your personal circumstances, if you have a computer at home, or would like to get into the world of home computing then there’s a few things that you’ll want to keep at the forefront of your mind, next time you’re shopping. It’s all fun and games, until you suddenly realise, mid battle that you, and your mouse just weren’t meant to be together. The moment of realisation probably cost you the battle, and maybe even a few before that too. If only you’d have chosen more carefully, or not been so enthusiastic on those last 15 games, perhaps there might be something there to rekindle.

Who are you joking about?

Enough of that nonsense, since when have you ever gone back for seconds after feeling somewhat dishearten, with a new found love for let’s say a stream game microphone, only to be pumped fed the same old bull, with nothing but negative energy! Not even an inkling as to why you got into the relationship in the first place. Bull pat! Even the thought of it sounds daft so, no messing about, straight to the bin goes the mouse, unless it can still work, in which case sell it!

There’s no point trying to rekindle an old flame when the fit just isn’t right, you’re not doing yourself, or your fare any favours to drag the process out, get it over and done with. Now, moving on swiftly, priorities firmly in order. Have a quick check of your keyboard and headset too, are they in good working condition and what kind of wear have they succumbed to?

Out with the old, in with the new

Well, you’ve probably had your mouse for some time, and like many people, you likely got your keyboard and headset at the same time too. If not, then sometime soon after so, assuming you can afford it, you’re going to organise what can be sold, and what cannot, a brief tally of the ‘to be sold’ bits should give you a rough idea of how much you need to chip in for the new ones.

No beating around the bush

There are some really freakin awesome gaming bundles available for you to buy, if not a bundle, then the gear will be part of a range so that you can put a mouse, a keyboard and a headset together, that were designed to work in harmony. They’ll look slick, sound sick, and feel like, well they all feel different.

That’s why it’s really important to get yourself out there, and get stuck in, touchy feely never came as important as what you are just about to embark on, make sure you like the look, the sound, the feel and the performance of your soon to be new gear. It’s really important to try everything out before you pay any money, sometimes, you might not be able to return certain goods, which may leave a sour taste in your mouth, no wait, sell them.

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