How to Suffuse Your Living Room with a Vintage Look?

Interior design technology has evolved a lot. You can find a modern living room filled with high-tech components and furniture designs. Yet there’s still something that hasn’t gone out of vogue. It’s the unique aesthetics of vintage interior décor. Many people are fond of filling their home with old objects, like an old camera or an old typewriter, to imbue their rooms with an old-world charm. High-quality mid century furniture items like three and four-seater sofas, leather armchairs having clean lines and classic shapes are indispensable components of vintage interior décor.

Do you want to give your living room such a makeover? Here’s how you can do it.

Choose a Wooden Floor

Vintage décor can never be complete without wood floors. It is because this material has an old-world charm and brings in a lot of depth and character to any room. Select a wooden floor type that can get the desired look quickly. For it, you can opt for pine and oakwood. They will help you to get an intense vintage look in your living room. But if you want a subtle effect, choose other wood species characterised by a stronger and denser structure.

Use Leather Armchairs

Another essential element of an enduring décor is leather armchairs. A vintage-inspired living room usually has more than a few such armchairs at various corners. Opt for mid century furniture like map armchairs that are low and reclined, and have a broad profile. Leather armchairs and ottomans are a potent combination that will add a timeless appeal to your living room. You can also look into reading armchairs in a classic design. They will also bring about that antique and noticeable appeal in your living room.

Brass Wooden Doors

The design and décor of the living room doors also play in the overall scheme of the interior décor. For an antique look, go for doors with brass handles. Today, you can find various brass handles that impart a dark gothic look, reminiscent of the old 1920s and 30s. An old wooden door having brass handles is a perfect accompaniment to other types of décors in your room.

You can look into the option of buying aged doors. Alternatively, you can also create such doors by adding handles of old doors to new ones. The combination of old and new will make a unique focal point.

Place Antique Clocks on the Wall

Antique clocks can highlight the look and feel of your living room. They also function as an eye-catcher, as usually they come beautifully dated and contrast with the colour of the walls. Besides an antique clock, you can place a classic typewriter. You don’t need to bring home hefty or weighty typewriters. Miniature typewriters instantly add a lot of style to this look.

Highlight Your Living Room with a Swing

A defining feature of your living room can be the swing. Typically, people place it on their porch or outdoors. But for an old-world appeal, let it hang from the ceiling of your living room, assisted by decorative iron support. Look at one that has intricate carvings in its backrests. Place some cushions on it, and you’ve got yourself a delightful vintage living room.

An old-fashioned look is not very hard to achieve. You only require the right kind of furniture items and décor accessories. Set them strategically in your living room and revel in a timeless and classic atmosphere.

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