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How to Properly Manage Your Restaurant Bathroom

Did you know that 1 in 3 customers won’t go back to a restaurant if it had a dirty bathroom?

Many people look at bathrooms before ordering food to ensure that the entire building is clean and professional.

If you want to increase customer satisfaction and comfort, you should install Designer Towel Radiators and focus on bathroom management.

Continue reading to discover the best tips for managing your restaurant bathroom!

Make Repairs

The first step to improving your restaurant bathroom is to make repairs on broken items.

Before creating a cleaning plan, you need to address the most essential things first. If you have Toilet drop ins or sinks that aren’t working properly, bring in professional help to get them going. Untreated repairs can cause more messes and money if you ignore them for too long.

Walk around the restrooms to ensure that tiles aren’t cracked and that all of the doors and locks are functioning properly.

Develop a Cleaning Schedule

After you have made initial repairs, you should work on developing a cleaning schedule for the bathrooms.

Most cleaning schedules have maintenance each day throughout services. Along with deep cleanings throughout the week. Having a set schedule will help you monitor the heavy times of use. This way, the bathroom can be cleaned at the most important times.

Create a Routine

A cleaning schedule is a great start but you will also have to consider what is getting cleaned during each session.

A restaurant restroom should have a deep cleaning done at least every couple of days, if not more. You will also have to consider having a cleaning person or staff member check on the bathroom throughout the day to keep up on messes and stock.

Write out all of the things that need to be done to clean the bathroom and break them into segments. This will help make cleaning the bathroom more manageable so that you don’t walk into a disaster.

Gather Feedback

Gathering restroom feedback from customers and staff can be very beneficial. Especially when managing cleanliness.

Feedback is a great way to learn about the things that you may be missing while you are managing the rest of the business. One of the best ways to gather feedback on restroom cleanliness is by posting a survey for customers to get a percentage off of their next meal.

Feedback questions can be open-ended or you can have set answers for people to respond to. You can also gain information about store cleanliness through casual conversation. As you gather this feedback, be sure to make adjustments as necessary.

Improve Your Restuarant Bathroom

If you want to improve your restaurant bathroom, there are a couple of ways to do so.

By utilizing this guide, you can increase customer satisfaction and comfort within your business. The first step to take after making repairs is to create a cleaning schedule. From there, you can develop a routine and make adjustments as needed.

Don’t be afraid to gather feedback from both customers and staff to help improve your business.

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